Sunday, December 02, 2012

i did it!

i started paper scrapping again! i am so excited. i'm so glad i took the plunge and decided that i need more paper in my life! lol. i joined studio calico and got their november monthly kit. i like what i got but for the price.....i think i will just shop and get things online. i got a bunch of stuff from 2peas at their black friday sale. 40% off, baby! got a ton more than i did with studio calico. so i don't think i will be getting any more from them. great kits but i'll get what i like and at good prices.

i told myself this time i will: 1. use what i have. i will not hoard things. i will not "wait to see if there is a better picture for this..." 2. before i buy more stuff i will see what i have and what will go with it. 3. i will not buy a bunch of stuff just because it is popular. i got in trouble the last time. never used things and sold them cheap. 4. i will watch for bargains. i want to try to stick to getting things on sale. i know there will be a time or two where i can't and will have to pay full price but i will try to watch sales and stick to budgets. 5. i will NOT compare my work with others. i will enjoy the process. i love watching liam look through layouts of the past and see people that he knows like us, the grandparents, etc. it will be really awesome when he is 10 and see's what we did this year. i want him to remember as much as possible.

i'm doing a december daily this year. i'm using an amy tangerine day book that i got at the 2peas sale. it has pages in side of different styles and sizes. love it! my book won't have a december/christmas feel to it and that is ok. the day that is christmas will have enough. december isn't all about christmas, it is about his birthday as well. and not all we do is christmas related so christmas kind of album. here it is:

i'll show the pages as i go. i will start posting more and sharing more things.

i was going to show my first layout in 2 years but for some reason blogger says i am over my limit of file size. stuff to me! ugh. to play!