Saturday, October 31, 2009

happy halloween

i'm a bit excited to go to work tonight and see what people are dressed up like. i am going as a nascar fan. don't have the extra cash for costumes. i feel bad that eric won't be dressing up. last year we said we would and then pregnant and needed money. life. love it! i really do!

got a bit of a cold, sucks. head is stuffy and a bit of a scratchy throat. yesterday i felt liam having hiccups for the first time. i text a couple of people to see if that is what i was feeling. they would come every 4 seconds and felt like a little thump. so awesome. man, i can't wait till he is here. it is going to be a blast!

now to get ready for work. i don't go in till 6 so i am going to hastings to read a bit and drink some hot chocolate for my throat.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

birthing class 1001

last night was the first night of birthing class. we watched a video of 4 different births. she taught us about car seats. we toured the labor and delivery. there were 15 couples there. 3 out of 15 were having girls, the rest boys. well there was one couple that decided not to find out. i don't know how someone waits that long but more power to them lol. after touring L and D, i feel a lot more at ease about delivery. i know what the rooms are like. what they will do once we get there. what happens when it is time. we saw the c-section room. glad it is up there in l and d and not downstairs! while watching the video i realized how beautiful and amazing childbirth really is. i didn't want to have the mirror to see but  now i do. i hope eric looks too. i don't want to miss seeing him come out as much as i can.

i really want to make this album. it is so adorable. i don't want to stick to just blues. in fact the guestbook that i am making for the shower has a brown and a green flower on it. just cause i am having a boy doesn't mean i will stick to all blues...that will get so boring after a while.

didn't drink much water yesterday so i will be sure to do that today. sometimes water just isnt that great but must drink it!

2 more digital layouts

i love michelle underwood. at her blog she had some freebies, so i took advantage of them. :) i wish i would have signed up for try to be on her design team but i haven't scrapped for so long and there are so many more better than me, so i didn't. she is an awesome designer!

we wanted to drive around and take pictures of the trees but it is rainy and cold. cold wouldn't have bothered me but the rain, can't get good pics. maybe on thursday our next day off. tonight is the first night of childbirth class. i am excited and a bit nervous. it will be fun i'm sure. the videoes are hear are about 20 years old and a bit scarey. maybe i will see if i can reserve my epidural :)  hey, doesn't hurt to be 2 months ahead on planning that. lol. i know they won't be still, i want to make sure there is no pain. we're ready for our little man to arrive. it's going to be an awesome ride!

Saturday, October 24, 2009

ideas for me???

have you been to i posted a few days ago if they had any ideas for a baby's room, today they do and for me! i have gotten so many ideas from this site, it rocks! a lot of simple scrapbook gals that i love (totally miss that magazine). now to get things does around the house to move my scrapbook room and get liam's room ready. thing is, i like to do things and not wait. i want to be able to start and finish everything in a day. impossible i know, especially being a tire pregnant gal. but i think that is one reason why i am putting off doing it. i want it done and now. need to get that out of my head and just do it! we are going to start this week so by the time the shower comes his room will be cleared out and we can start to paint. i'd like to have it all done by dec 1st., a reasonable, close amount of time.

slept 10+ hours so i feel refreshed. another long day at work, short one tomorrow and long on monday. wondering how much longer i can do 8 hour days???? i'll do it till i can't any more!


the last 3 nights i have had insomnia. aimee swears it is god getting me ready for when liam gets here and the lack of sleep i will have. it probably is true. i thought i would be so tired at work tonight but i wasn't. i didn't get to sleep till 5am and had to get up at 9 to watch noah. feeling tired now so hopefully i won't be up late.

liam has been really active at night, ironically the nights with insomnia. i think he is turning. i haven't felt much of anything in my ab area, just in my gut. i think he is/was across my stomach instead of up and town. i am feeling more in my abs so i think he is turning or his arms and legs got a lot longer lol.

can't wait for the shower in 2 weeks. birthing classes start on tuesday. it is getting close and i can't wait. it's going to be one heck of a ride! bring it! :)

Friday, October 23, 2009

3 cards i made

didn't know if it was going to come or not but creativity arrived. yay for me!
off to relax and then head to bed. 9am comes too early any more lol

Thursday, October 22, 2009

merci. color challenge #18

this is my first color challenge with dawn. loved the colors this time so i had to jump in.

the stamp set is "just because" from close to my heart.

thanks for stopping by. have fun creating your own card!

texture in pictures

gerber daisies are my favorite flower! they make the day seem brighter and happier. i found the textures for these at flickr. fun stuff. i couldn't stop but had to. so addicting! the link for the textures will be at the bottom. not liking how blogger won't let me put it in and how the photos come up now.

eric's parents are coming down today. we are going to get a matress for the crib. liam is moving a lot more lately. not just kicking but moving. i so can't wait to see what he looks like.
off to make a card for dawn's color challenge!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

a few digital layouts.

ahh, a night of creating. nothing helps me more than that. i got out the external hard drive and found some kits that i haven't used in a long time. maybe in a few days i will play with paper. :)

friggin sore throat

once again i have a sore throat. seems that this come around the 20th of each month for the last 2 months. hopefully this won't last long. i don't have the energy as it is so i'm hoping it goes away soon.

today is 30 weeks! totally unbelievable! i can't imagine this at times. when i lay down and feel him move a lot, it blows my mind thinking that soon he will be born. this makes all the years i wanted to be pregnant disappear. i don't look at the past but what i am feeling and enjoying today. i've waited a long time for this and even though there are a couple of bad days, i still enjoy every day. there are times were i am so tired that i just want to sleep. lately i have had a bit more energy. hoping this nesting thing kicks in fast cause there is so much that needs to be done around the house, his room for one. i'm still using it as my scrap room.

the shower is in 2 weeks. would have been this saturday but due to pitt state's homecoming we had to up the date. it's ok though. i am so excited about my shower. i can't wait to meet more of eric's family and share the joy with them, along with my family and friends.

gained 7lbs in 3 weeks. i think the dr is a little concerned about me getting preclampsia. he told me to drink more water. is it common to gain that much once in your pregnancy? hoping that it doesn't happen again. the more i gain the more i have to lose. i am close to where i was when i started the weight loss journey, lost 74lbs. so this freaks me out. i know it is due to pregnancy but that doesn't make it easier to deal with. funny, when i lost the weight i made a comment that i'd probably get pregnant and gain it back. 2 to 3 years later i did....well so far not all of it is gained and i did gain 20 before i get pregnant.

speaking of gaining weight...time to go each pizza!

Friday, October 16, 2009

dr appointment

all is going great. i need to drink more water but other than that all is good. my ankles are a little swollen. i have gained 25lbs! 7 of it in the last 3 weeks. he isn't concerned yet but doesn't want me to get high blood pressure. he says the weight gain is water so i will drink more and see what happens. he said i will get another sonogram at 36 weeks, just 7 more weeks. oh wow, that makes things so much closer!

baby shower invitations are going out today. i can't wait for it. it is only 3 weeks away. so excited to see what all i get, well liam gets lol

been scrapbooking and did a layout last night. working on another one and have an idea for a 2nd one thanks to love the gals there that used to be at simple scrapbooks.

time to get ready for work.

Monday, October 12, 2009


The last day I've been anxious. Of what I'm not sure but feeling it. Some of it is the lack of breathing. Seems like I can't breath like I used to but that can also be associated with anxiety. Work is getting tougher it seems. Hard to bend over. Hard to work a full 8 hours at times. I wish some people would work with us to make it easier for all of us but they don't. I get tired of having to do others work because they don't want to work.

Things that are going through my head: I can't breath. When will he drop do I can? He seems to be laying sideways though I can't breath. Why do we have to struggle with money? It doesn't help that we eat out a lot because I'm picky about what I eat. I feel like I need more sleep. None is ever enough. I don't want to feel this way. I fight it. I'm scared. I don't want to do this. I'm not in control and it is really bothering me. I keep hearing about the h1n1 vaccine. What if I do get sick? I'm in the top of the list that have to get it. Freaks me out. Why do they try to scare us? Why don't they say the ages of thr people that have died from it along with if thry were healthy or not. I'm healthly but I'm worried about it.
Right now I just want to crawl into a hole.
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Friday, October 09, 2009

i created!

i made 2 layouts and 3 cards! yes, a miracle! first time making a paper layout in a while. having fun with it again! the only thing bringing me down is having to move all of this stuff again and i don't know where. i am anxious to get started on liam's room but not to deal with all this stuff in my scraproom. a little stressed but i am sure it will pass.

Wednesday, October 07, 2009

new photos

we went driving around taking photos today. thought we better get out before it cools off tomorrow and is rainy. i love photography. wish i could do it rather than working retail.

ok, why is blogger being a pain and not letting me post these they way i want????
plans for today were to do some stuff around the house but since it is suppose to rain tomorrow i thought getting out for a bit would be good. we have to tackle my scrapbook room and get liam's room ready. i really want it ready by my shower. feeling overwhelmed by all the stuff i have and where to put it all. and of course the lack of energy to want to do it.
don't know how we are going to handle dottie when liam gets here. she gets jealous when noah comes on tuesdays. she wants me to hold her but i can't. she's a dog in case you were wondering. so we put her int he bedroom but she barks and barks. think i better read up on this before liam gets here. when we got her the owner said they had to get rid of her because she barked a lot and kept the baby awake. *sigh* i hope we can teach her to be quiet.

Monday, October 05, 2009

the h1n1 vaccine

i've been reading a lot about the vaccine and rather to get it or not. my opinion on it and i am not a dr, is that there hasn't been enough research on it to see if it is totally safe for pregnant women. there is no way i want to put something in my body that isn't known to be safe yet. i am really tired of all the hype about it. hearing how if you don't get a vaccine you will die. come on. i know it is serious but isn't any kind of flu? by the time it gets around this area, and given to health care professionals first the paper says, there won't be any left. i will probably have liam be the time i could get one. i don't even want to get the regular flue shot. i think i have probably had the flu like once in my life. so why would i want to put something in my body that isn't known to be safe in pregnant woman for a tiny chance that i would get it? i will wash my hands religiously and carry hand sanitizer with me. i will wash my hands before i eat or put my hands anywhere near my mouth...yes, what a concept. if everyone would do this just thing of what the rate of this disease would be??? that is my choice. i haven't even talked to my dr about this because i don't want to get it. never wanted to get the flu shot either.

i really think the media plays a lot into this. i haven't read a lot about it but what i do see i get sick of seeing and hearing. about a month ago i waited on a customer that had influenza a, well their daughter did. she told me she had it once she saw her daughter chewing on the cap of the handsanitzer lid, ironic. i didn't have time to wash my hands but i did put sanitzer on immediately after they left. i'm still not sick. i think it is all in taking care of yourself by washing and sanitizing.

yes, it doesn't scare me some if i was to get sick but sick with anything basically. i don't want to have to be sick with even a cold and not be able to take anything. i can take somethings but i am a whiner and will want more drugs to feel good. and i am paranoid about getting sick, cold basically but i will not put something in my body that isn't 100% safe. i don't want to regret 3 years from now taking it and having something wrong with my child.

Sunday, October 04, 2009

and yet another digital layout

another layout of the little man. can't wait for him to be here and take thousands of pictures :)
woke up and he wasn't moving, or at least i couldn't feel it. once i ate he got active. stop scaring your mother! :)

Saturday, October 03, 2009

it's finally fall

well it has been for a week or so but the weather is finally changing, thank god. this pregnant woman couldn't stand the heat for much longer. thankfully it wasn't that hot this year as it could have been. a few days of 100 degrees plus but not much more. i'm ready for the leaves to change so we can go out and take pictures. i'd really like to have someone take our pictures in the next couple of weeks but not sure who. i may just break out my tripod and do it myself. need to get some good belly photos as well.

i was startin to freak out a bit today. liam wasn't moving that much and it had me a bit worried. i should be used to this by now. he doesn't move that much some days. probably gets worn out in those tight quarters lol. stop freaking mama out, she is worried enough about stuff as it is. :) a gal at work asked me last night if i was ready for it to be over. i'm really not that uncomfortable, yet. i do cherish the movements and the time i am having right now. sometimes i do complain because i am tired, but there are only a few months left of something so magical. i know i will be ready as it because more close. but time is flying enough that i am sure it will be very soon before it is over. i have a feeling he will be early. i will be really surprised if he is here on or after my due date.

very thankful that my 3 hour glucose test came back fine and that i don't have gestational diabeties. that was one thing that worried me when the first test came back high. not sure really what high is since i've heard some doctors go by 130, my dr 140. i was at 142. but i don't have it so all is great!

now to relax at hastings a bit more before work tonight.

Thursday, October 01, 2009

3 hour glocuse test today

hopefully i will get the results tomorrow. i hope i don't have gestiational diabeties but if i do it won't be for long and i can manage it. i am glad i lost the weight i did before i got pregnant. i think it made things a lot easier with this pregnancy. i wish i was thinner though so i can feel more and see more but i is what i is!

2 months plus to go till the little one is here. totally excited and totally scared to death! :)