Saturday, October 24, 2009

ideas for me???

have you been to i posted a few days ago if they had any ideas for a baby's room, today they do and for me! i have gotten so many ideas from this site, it rocks! a lot of simple scrapbook gals that i love (totally miss that magazine). now to get things does around the house to move my scrapbook room and get liam's room ready. thing is, i like to do things and not wait. i want to be able to start and finish everything in a day. impossible i know, especially being a tire pregnant gal. but i think that is one reason why i am putting off doing it. i want it done and now. need to get that out of my head and just do it! we are going to start this week so by the time the shower comes his room will be cleared out and we can start to paint. i'd like to have it all done by dec 1st., a reasonable, close amount of time.

slept 10+ hours so i feel refreshed. another long day at work, short one tomorrow and long on monday. wondering how much longer i can do 8 hour days???? i'll do it till i can't any more!

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