Saturday, October 30, 2010

baby food

now that liam is 10 months i need to start introducing him to more foods. he does like pancakes, sugar cookies (learned that one last night) and that is about it on the food chain. i want to start getting him off of baby food and start the good stuff! :) but i really don't know what is safe for him, he has two teeth so does that mean he get eat more stuff now and what would that be? i haven't been around babies, except for here and there, so i have no idea how to start this. i did read some websites on it. i will buy more foods that he can eat and use the blender for that.

but i do need your help. what does your kids like or liked? how do you prepare it? when do you start the stage 3 of food?

being a new mom i have no idea on a lot of things and food is definately one of them. now i need to start thinking about how to get him off the bottle when he hits one in december. what do i have to start worrying about after the bottle? lol

Monday, October 25, 2010

cookie monster

we went to zach, drew and alex's birthday party yesterday. i thought liam might like a cookie. oh did he. well he really didn't eat it. he would bite off some and then spit it out. so it was all over his shirt, pants and dad. it did disappear. there were crumbs but the majority some how made it into his mouth.

i can't wait for his birthday. eating his birthday cake will be quite interesting!

Saturday, October 23, 2010


how can i just sit in here and pretend it doesn't crush my heart that he perfers his daddy over me? when he is fussy, tired, hungry, is eric that calms him. that he chooses his dad to make him feel better. my heart hurts. i try to rock him but he takes one look at him and he freaks till eric puts him in his arms. i want to watch that face as he's drifting off to sleep but i can't. he doesn't want his mommy. i'm sad. some say it is a phase. well this phase has lasted about 5 months if not longer. when will it end, if ever? my heart hurts.

Friday, October 22, 2010

oh baby!

here is an article for andie smith designs. oh baby!

poor little man has another ear infection. makes #3 now. if he has another one by the end of the year he will need tubes. he is such a trooper though. but daddy needs to stay in a chair with him on nights like this. he doesn't like the crib, i'm assuming laying flat probably hurts his ear. they did give him ear drops too to help the pain. and they say it is probably from the cold he had before the wedding.

me...i am holding on. not taking my meds like i should have and that is a huge no no for me. i won't go into details. not a pretty site. just ask eric. poor guy. did ya really know what you were getting into? ;) he is the best though. no matter what i know he will take care of me.

Monday, October 18, 2010


he is the reason i am so happy. beyond happy. sometimes i wonder  how eric and i could make something so perfect and amazing. i hope i am doing what i can for him. i feel as if i don't spend the time i need to with him. he perfers eric to put him to sleep at night. it was me the first 3 months or so that soothed him to sleep. now he wants his daddy's broad shoulders.

i get stressed out easily. i guess it is generalized anxiety disorder that does it. i usually take on too much in my mind...worrying about one thing and another over and over...and end up stressed. eric takes over and lets me do my thing to wind down. i feel as if i do fail him at times. like tonight. we did take him outside. i pushed him in the wagon. took pictures of him, the one above came from it. i change him. but i feel like i don't do enough. i let eric take over while i cook, clean, etc. he says he thinks he doesn't do enough. actually we both probably do the same amount as each other.

i want to be a great mother and i know that it takes more than just being right there all the time. it means laundry. cleaning. making sure we have enough cash to get formula and food. i'm always so flippin' hard on myself and i wish it was something i could ease up on. it doesn't seem so easy though.

as eric holds him, i hope liam knows that i am still here and love him so much. i know he does. my heart sometimes wishes i could be supermom and do it all fast to spend each moment with him. i know i can't. for now life will go on as it is and i will keep up my duties as a mom and he will know i love him more and more each day.

now for some more pictures from today that i totally love.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

this is why christmas will be fun

he didn't mind wearing them. wish it was the same with hats. he used to love to wear them. now he rips them off. man, i can not wait for christmas this year. i can't wait to decorate. can't wait to buy him gifts and wrap them. can't wait for his 1st birthday that will be 4 days before. christmas....once again my favorite holiday.

Friday, October 15, 2010

just the dude

here are some recent pictures taken of the dude. these are in his wagon that his cousins handed down to him. he loves it!
this one is my favorite. those two little teeth!
and that chubby little hand.

and those eyelashes! kid is adorable. :)

Monday, October 11, 2010

being mrs. robson

yesterday was such a wonderful day. perfect weather. perfect family. perfect friends. an amazing day! one doesn't know just how happy they are till there comes a time when it all sinks in and you realize this is it. there is nothing more than this moment. there is nothing on this earth that means anything as much as the people you love. nothing means as much as finding that one person that completes every single part of you. i ask myself from time to time how i got so lucky. and i know it is because god sent me this amazing, wonderful man into my life years ago because he knew that one day i would need him in many ways. he knew that we would eventually find love in each other and realize we are the soulmates we had been searching for. he knew that he was the one that would be there for me in any time of need. that eric would be a great father and help me from time we saw the positive on the test to the day liam was born and on. i couldn't have asked for anyone else in my life. life is complete. i am finally a robson. all of my dreams have come true. life. is. the. best. ever.

Saturday, October 09, 2010

it's almost here

tomorrow i will officially become a robson. i can not wait. it will be perfect, but hot, weather for the day. i didn't anticipate it to be 85 degrees in mid-october. it makes me a bit nervous about the heat and a big heavy dress. but no matter what, i am marrying my best friend and i couldn't be more happy. i have waited so long to be this happy. life is wonderful. hopefully we can add another little one to our little family soon. i hope i can experience pregnancy one more time before old age kicks in and tells me otherwise. i'm 39 so you never know when my ovaries will say "we're done." thankfully they worked once and gave me my precious little man.

life is amazing. every little step is great. i look forward to a long time with eric. i love you, babe!

Monday, October 04, 2010

four generations

we met up with eric's grandpa at the mall. he hasn't see liam since he was born. we had a great time introducing liam to him. he went right to great grandpa. the kid sometimes looks like he is shy but that is how he reels you in. we got some pictures by the water.

i am so excited and can not wait for the wedding this weekend. i can't wait to meet all of eric's family.

last week we went to julie's so the guys could play halo reach. liam decided he would be a rock star for the day.

rock on little man. rock on!

Saturday, October 02, 2010

the latest happenings in the robson household

1. i will be mrs. eric robson on the 10th. i'm totally excited. i can't wait for magically day #2 of my life. first one was when little man was born. all is ready to go...except where to put 60 chairs from friday to mondy.

2. eric cleaned out the floor furnace. we turned it on to burn the "smell" off before we turned it on for the night. i hate that smell. thank god i can't smell that much. which leads to #3.

3. i have been dealing with some sinus issues for over 2 weeks now. it is now in my throat. my tonsils are so swollen, red and the right one has patches of white on it. they have never looked this bad. never seen so much white. dr says i don't have strep. i didn't take my antibiotics like i should have 2 weeks ago and so i am now in this lovely mess.

4. the dude is a crawling fool! he is everywhere! doesn't want to be held for long unless he is tired. he has too much going on to want to be held. "let me down. i want to see it all!"

5. me and my anxiety issues. i really want to get over this crap and get on with my life. this is the only area in my life, besides my weight, that i can't get over. i need to find a way to motivate myself to get over this. i want to travel. i know i need to practice on it but heck...who has time for that. so i think i will use my blog to help me get out what is bothering me and maybe i can help someone in the process. i wonder if there is anyone out there as bad off as i am with the agoraphobia?

6. working days. love it! love coming home and going for a walk after liam eats. haven't did that all week due to my ear, throat, head combo crap...but we will resume once momma feels better.

guess that is about it. i will leave you with this photo of the dude. the cutest little boy known to man.