Saturday, October 30, 2010

baby food

now that liam is 10 months i need to start introducing him to more foods. he does like pancakes, sugar cookies (learned that one last night) and that is about it on the food chain. i want to start getting him off of baby food and start the good stuff! :) but i really don't know what is safe for him, he has two teeth so does that mean he get eat more stuff now and what would that be? i haven't been around babies, except for here and there, so i have no idea how to start this. i did read some websites on it. i will buy more foods that he can eat and use the blender for that.

but i do need your help. what does your kids like or liked? how do you prepare it? when do you start the stage 3 of food?

being a new mom i have no idea on a lot of things and food is definately one of them. now i need to start thinking about how to get him off the bottle when he hits one in december. what do i have to start worrying about after the bottle? lol

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MommyBelle said...

This is a GREAT website: Most babies can now eat what we eat. If I roast sweet potatoes in the oven (with olive oil, rosemary, S&P) I just smash some up and give them to Lily. Most people skip stage 3 jars because most babies don't like them. We're still working on mashed up things, which I suggest you do, since your baby hasn't had a lot of "real" food. We mash up jarred pears and peaches. Do real applesauce (with no sugar added) I boil potatoes and carrots in a broth with some herbs and mash those up. Any crackers (Lily loves graham crackers!) or whole wheat crackers. Those are the only thing she can self feed right now.
Check out that site. It tells when to introduce foods, great finger foods to start with and how to prepare all kinds of baby food! Good luck!! :)