Friday, April 30, 2010

i am back!

we got internet through verizon. i use my phone as a modem! heaven! totally excited to keep the blog up again and post pictures of our growing little man. he amazes us each day with all he is doing and learning. so keep checking back cause i am back!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

teething bites

poor little man. in this picture he is finally asleep after a good hour of crying. i did all i could to sooth the pain. i let him sleep in my arms. there was no way i was going to wake him after that ordeal.

i'm not sure how often i will be posting since we won't be having the internet much longer. i thought we wouldn't have it today but we do, so i am doing all i can to get things caught up. i will try to send stuff from my phone but i will do at least weekly picture updates once or twice a week at hastings. we can't afford to have internet and cable till he picks up hours. hate it but what can you do?

till next time...keep smiling!

Thursday, April 08, 2010

some before's and after's

i am totally addicted to photoshop actions lately. i have downloaded a bunch and then i don't remember which one does what lol. so i think from now on i will write down what i have downloaded and a description....that will help.
here's the original and two that i did in photoshop:

i love this effect, its called 70's. love it. love it. love it.
the original first....
awesome huh? love the effect i got with this flower.
in this photo you can see how it brings out the lettering in the stone.

so yeah, i am addicted to photoshop actions. i took over 100 pictures on sunday. i won't photoshop them all just my favorites. i liam news...the kid is eating way too much and way too often. i am trying to find a good nipple to start giving him cereal with every bottle. he's up to 8oz now. i used the drop in bottles but had to geet new ones because they only go up to 6oz. says 8 on one side but no it's 6. and with adding cereal i need more room soooo different bottle here we come. we got him 5oz bottles of this kind so he won't have problems going to the bigger bottle.

the city is having their city wide clean up this year! thank god! they had it last year but you had to take it to them, this yeah they will come pick it up. i am so happy about this. so much i want to throw out to the curb! hopefully we can get the carpet up in time. it starts th 21st to the 24th for our side of town. we'll see if we can accomplish that or not. would be nice! not quite sure how to get everything done that i want to with having liam and watching him. maybe he can stay a day somewhere :)

Wednesday, April 07, 2010

i heart making memories!

i joined their slice fan page on facebook. they asked for people's feedback on new colors for the slice. in return they will give 2 people a design card of their choice for free! guess who they picked? yep, i was one of them! 2 free things now for getting my slice :) i can't wait for it to get here. i picked basic design card 2. lots of flowers and butterflies!

and this little man wouldn't go to sleep the night before last unless we held him. so i got the recliner ready and set up shop. we slept till about 6:30am then i got eric up to hold him so i could sleep till 8. so far he is sleeping in his bed with no problems. not sure what the deal was that night.

"hey, spit happens!"

"i'm cool man!"

Tuesday, April 06, 2010

had a great easter

i didn't know what to dress the little man in and then i remembered (thank god i remembered something for once, a miracle!) that grandma robson bought him an outfit that would be perfect for the day. and it was!

and those little toes that some how get lint and dirt in them so easily :)

always missing the smile....

after lunch we went to pitt state to find a flower that was on the front page of the paper. we didn't look to long since we needed to go to grandma and grandpa tilley's. here are a few photos:

liam enjoyed the walk!

Saturday, April 03, 2010

so sweet

he looks so peaceful when he sleeps and do gosh darn adorable!

i got a few photos of him in his bouncer. didn't know he had a piece of hair on his mouth till i looked at the pictures. lol

he's my little cutie!

Thursday, April 01, 2010


been itching to paint for a fews days. i have all these bottles of paint i have bought over the last couple of years to use for scrapbooking, now it want to make something much bigger. i painted the background of a 10x10 canvas light blue. now to decide what to do with it. being the perfectionist i am, i don't want to "ruin" it so i am thinking hard about what i want to do. maybe i will get a little help from flickr???

liam is going so fast! he's more alert to things around him. we ate at mazzios the other day and he had to get out of his car seat to see what was going on. he sat on my lap and took it all in. first time we heard him scream with excitement. he'd get his legs going. then his arms. he loved it. lots of noise and lights...just what he likes.

here's the man enjoying some time in the bouncer!

time to go give the man a bath and me a shower. it's payday. lots to do before we go to work. eric is still getting 20hrs a week. so aggrivated at that. no matter who he talks to no one wants to help. sometimes i really hate big companies!