Tuesday, June 29, 2010

some pictures of the dude

gosh...he just makes my life wonderful!

and last but not least....IN YO FACE!

i am getting an album made at shutterfly of my digital layouts. this picture is on the cover. it's hard to see but it is white on the right side of it. perfect for the cover i think! i can not wait to get it. never made an album like this for my layouts.

and now to get ready for work......

Sunday, June 27, 2010

just another layout

a lot a want to write about but just don't have the time right now. liam slept pretty much all evening. i have been waiting for him to wake up so i can do somethings around the house. he has been a little cranky today due to teething, so i thought i would let him sleep without a lot of noise. may kick us in the butt late tonight but....lol

here is a layout i done with a freebie i got at ali edwards blog. love this kit. love anything free for that matter. lol

Thursday, June 24, 2010

i hate the guilty feeling

i hate feeling guilty that i don't do enough for liam. i hate how i can't be at home to teach him things that the sitter is. i am very grateful for julie. she is an amazing sitter! i feel like i don't spend enough time with him at home. i get up in the mornings and i feed him. i put him in the bouncer or the jumperoo. and he will sti on my lap while i digital scrap. i do spend time with him but i feel it isn't enough. i guess that is how a person feels when you work and can't be there a lot of the times. sometimes i feel like eric is doing so much and i am not doing enough. he is so awesome. he is great with liam. liam couldn't have a better father than eric.

i just want to do what is right for the little man. i want to make sure he is getting all he needs. but you know...mom needs her time too. and when i have my time, yes the guilty comes into play. uggg....hate it1 i know i need the me time if i didn't i would break.

i just need to let go and not worry about what i am doing right or wrong and just do it. so far i think i have done a great job for not being around a baby so much. i don't know nursery rhymes. i don't know a lot of games. but i do know how to love him unconditionally and give him what he needs. that is far more important than anything else. i really do love being a mom.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010


color. i love color. i wish i could just make wild colorful changes in my house. bring out the brightness in our lifes. but blending colors terrifies me. i have always been one that was really picky about matching colors. "does this go with this? that doesn't look right together." so i sit back and admire other people's eye on color and hope one day i pick up some paint and just go with it!

1. huts-colourful, 2. Summer in colorful Nyhavn (FP), 3. Colorful, 4. Living in a colourful box, 5. 'COLORFUL AND BEAUTIFUL' - 'ARE FLOWERS MADE IN HEAVEN !' - "MORGUNFRU", 6. Colourful Brighton Beach, 7. Colorful Rainbow Splash, 8. Colorful Boats, 9. Colourful hill

i did this layout earlier about liam reading. he loves the books that make sounds. i hope he grows up to love reading as much as we do. i can not wait till we are making trips to the children's section of the library!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

father's day. 6 months and layouts all in one!

i was going to make seperate posts but why not just put them all in one!
first...father's day!

it was eric's first father's day. liam and i got him "alice in wonderland" for his day. he told me he had been wanting to read it so i thought it would be a good gift for him. liam agreed. here are daddy and son on their first father's day together:

and here is liam with grandpa on his first father's day with liam.

and let me tell you...that little man is wrapped right around grandpa's finger.

yesterday was little man's 6 month birthday. we celebrated by 3 shots at community health. lol. not really. he did get his shots. he cried more this time than he had before...but only for about a minute. here are a few things about the man at 6 months:
he can roll over.
he likes sweet pototates, green beans, peaches, sweet peas...pretty much all veggies and fruit.
he weighs 20lbs 2oz and 26 3/4 inches long
he gets tired of what he is doing easily. on to one thing after another.
he laughs and laughs.
he has the biggest, cutest grin.
he loves to be outside, especially in the stroller.
he hates teething. (don't we all?)
he just got the next car seat up as he is growing out of his.
he puts away formula like its no one's business. though now he likes to play with the nipplie a lot now.
he can sit up with assistance. can stay up without but not for too long.
he loves his jumperoo.
he watches the dogs and cat go by...secretly planning his attack when he is up and crawling.

and now for a few layouts about the man!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

happy fathers day!

i asked eric yesterday if he was excited, "just another day really." gasp! well not for me when it was mother's day. i was pysched all week! but he  is happy and excited, men just don't show it. liam and i weren't sure what to get him. he has been wanting to read "alice in wonderland." so i bought him that. why are men so hard to shop for? "oh i don't need anything. i have all i want." you ask woman what they want and they have a list a mile long. there is no "hard to shop for woman" here.

today is the first day in a while that i have felt good. lately i have been sleeping a lot due to depression. i up'd the meds i was on to 40mgs but they made my stomach cramp. up'd it again and this time the cramps aren't as bad. hopefully the meds are working now. i hate being depressed and sleeping all day. feel like i am missing out on liam time. i am so happy that i have a man that understands and helps me through all of this. god sent me my angel to protect me and help me through all the hard times. i love eric so much!

here are some black and whites of the dude. i love black and whites. they leave a lot to the imagination.

and this one tops them all. "what'chu talkin' about willis?"

peace out.

Monday, June 14, 2010

something has to give

this weight. i  need to lose it. but i am not in the mind set to do it. i want to drink my coke or pepsi. i want to eat yummy things. i am not ready like i was when i lost it before but i need to be. a lady that i used to work with brought me a tons of clothes that her daughter doesn't wear any more. thanks to my 6 month since i gave birth belly, they won't fit. i can get them on but not buttoned. but at least they were on!

when i first started my weight loss i started with walking. you start to feel good so you start to drink and eat better. then you start losing. then you want to do more than walk. sooo i need to start walking. a couple of months ago it was a goal to get out each morning and take liam for a walk. nothing. did it once. i can't seem to get in a rhythm. i used to do laundry on my days off. i used to have set things. not any more and it is throwing me off. should i be set to a schedule by now? why is it taking me so long? i think a lot of it is his schedule. i'm still getting use to it. and it will change and change so i need to be able to change with it.

i don't have any energy any more. not sure if it is the weight or just being a mom, working, etc. not sure where or how to get it. you'd think with the wedding approaching i would want to lose for that. i do but i'm not in the mind set yet. so i will start walking. i know what to do to lose it, i just need to do it and do it NOW!!!!

can't believe that little man will be 6 months in a week! man, time flies!

Sunday, June 13, 2010

slacking again

i guess not really slacking since i have had a lot going on and just no time to post here. right now i have little man in front of the tv watching a cartoon. he loves it. i was thinking "is this ok or not?" i didn't want to prop him in front of the tv all the time. he loves the tv though. has watched it with eric so many times.

he is feeling a ton better. his ear infection is probably gone but we have to give him the antibiotics for 10 tens...just 3 to go. here are the pictures i took at the er while we were waiting.

just chilling on the bed till the dr comes in. that didn't last long. maybe 5 minutes.

daddy holding him to stop him from fussing. we all got fussy waiting over 2 hours.

and a close up of his id bracelet.

i tell ya, the kid gets cuter and cuter each day. i wish i could find a good, reasonably priced camera to capture him.

Friday, June 04, 2010

sad to see it go?

no, not really. i was surprised as i started packed up stuff for a lady that bought some things that i'm really not sad to see the scrapbook stuff go. i thought i would be sad.. i thought i would be depressed. but nothing. time to move on. i am enjoying digital a lot and i am still capturing life's moments but just a different way. as long as you do something to remember your life, it doesn't matter how you do it. i am actually feeling a bit of release. the scrapbook clutter is going down and giving me a peace. i hate having too much, i really do. now its all in one place. the only draw back??? using my phone as a modem takes forever to download kits lol. oh well, it's all good.

Thursday, June 03, 2010

guess i better catch up here

well quite a bit has happened lately. i decided to sell all my scrapbook and rubber stamp stuff and do nothing but digital. why after 10 years do i want to get rid of it? well let's see. 1. i need the room. 2. i have so much stuff that it stresses me out and i don't want to scrap. i hate digging for stuff. i want the simplicity of it. the no clean up. 3. digital is so much easier. there are a lot of freebies out there. great deals. you can use the stuff over and over again. 4. i don't have the cash flow as i used to. i can't see spending the money to maintain it like i want to. i am sure that i will regret it for a while but it has to be done. i get so stressed by the over flow that i don't even want to do it.

so as you can see with these layouts, i won't miss paper for too long! :)

i was going to have a rummage sale but i just don't have the time to mark things, get things out, etc. i just don't have much of any time any more. but that is ok. i enjoy every second that i spend with my two men!