Wednesday, June 23, 2010


color. i love color. i wish i could just make wild colorful changes in my house. bring out the brightness in our lifes. but blending colors terrifies me. i have always been one that was really picky about matching colors. "does this go with this? that doesn't look right together." so i sit back and admire other people's eye on color and hope one day i pick up some paint and just go with it!

1. huts-colourful, 2. Summer in colorful Nyhavn (FP), 3. Colorful, 4. Living in a colourful box, 5. 'COLORFUL AND BEAUTIFUL' - 'ARE FLOWERS MADE IN HEAVEN !' - "MORGUNFRU", 6. Colourful Brighton Beach, 7. Colorful Rainbow Splash, 8. Colorful Boats, 9. Colourful hill

i did this layout earlier about liam reading. he loves the books that make sounds. i hope he grows up to love reading as much as we do. i can not wait till we are making trips to the children's section of the library!

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