Sunday, June 20, 2010

happy fathers day!

i asked eric yesterday if he was excited, "just another day really." gasp! well not for me when it was mother's day. i was pysched all week! but he  is happy and excited, men just don't show it. liam and i weren't sure what to get him. he has been wanting to read "alice in wonderland." so i bought him that. why are men so hard to shop for? "oh i don't need anything. i have all i want." you ask woman what they want and they have a list a mile long. there is no "hard to shop for woman" here.

today is the first day in a while that i have felt good. lately i have been sleeping a lot due to depression. i up'd the meds i was on to 40mgs but they made my stomach cramp. up'd it again and this time the cramps aren't as bad. hopefully the meds are working now. i hate being depressed and sleeping all day. feel like i am missing out on liam time. i am so happy that i have a man that understands and helps me through all of this. god sent me my angel to protect me and help me through all the hard times. i love eric so much!

here are some black and whites of the dude. i love black and whites. they leave a lot to the imagination.

and this one tops them all. "what'chu talkin' about willis?"

peace out.

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