Monday, June 14, 2010

something has to give

this weight. i  need to lose it. but i am not in the mind set to do it. i want to drink my coke or pepsi. i want to eat yummy things. i am not ready like i was when i lost it before but i need to be. a lady that i used to work with brought me a tons of clothes that her daughter doesn't wear any more. thanks to my 6 month since i gave birth belly, they won't fit. i can get them on but not buttoned. but at least they were on!

when i first started my weight loss i started with walking. you start to feel good so you start to drink and eat better. then you start losing. then you want to do more than walk. sooo i need to start walking. a couple of months ago it was a goal to get out each morning and take liam for a walk. nothing. did it once. i can't seem to get in a rhythm. i used to do laundry on my days off. i used to have set things. not any more and it is throwing me off. should i be set to a schedule by now? why is it taking me so long? i think a lot of it is his schedule. i'm still getting use to it. and it will change and change so i need to be able to change with it.

i don't have any energy any more. not sure if it is the weight or just being a mom, working, etc. not sure where or how to get it. you'd think with the wedding approaching i would want to lose for that. i do but i'm not in the mind set yet. so i will start walking. i know what to do to lose it, i just need to do it and do it NOW!!!!

can't believe that little man will be 6 months in a week! man, time flies!

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MommyBelle said...

I feel ya girl. I had started walking and it felt so great and then summer started and the heat is now unbearable, even in the morning, so there's no time to walk without dying of heat exhaustion!
And you're also not the only one not on a great schedule. We always joke that it's Lillian's world, we just live in it!