Thursday, June 03, 2010

guess i better catch up here

well quite a bit has happened lately. i decided to sell all my scrapbook and rubber stamp stuff and do nothing but digital. why after 10 years do i want to get rid of it? well let's see. 1. i need the room. 2. i have so much stuff that it stresses me out and i don't want to scrap. i hate digging for stuff. i want the simplicity of it. the no clean up. 3. digital is so much easier. there are a lot of freebies out there. great deals. you can use the stuff over and over again. 4. i don't have the cash flow as i used to. i can't see spending the money to maintain it like i want to. i am sure that i will regret it for a while but it has to be done. i get so stressed by the over flow that i don't even want to do it.

so as you can see with these layouts, i won't miss paper for too long! :)

i was going to have a rummage sale but i just don't have the time to mark things, get things out, etc. i just don't have much of any time any more. but that is ok. i enjoy every second that i spend with my two men!

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