Tuesday, June 22, 2010

father's day. 6 months and layouts all in one!

i was going to make seperate posts but why not just put them all in one!
first...father's day!

it was eric's first father's day. liam and i got him "alice in wonderland" for his day. he told me he had been wanting to read it so i thought it would be a good gift for him. liam agreed. here are daddy and son on their first father's day together:

and here is liam with grandpa on his first father's day with liam.

and let me tell you...that little man is wrapped right around grandpa's finger.

yesterday was little man's 6 month birthday. we celebrated by 3 shots at community health. lol. not really. he did get his shots. he cried more this time than he had before...but only for about a minute. here are a few things about the man at 6 months:
he can roll over.
he likes sweet pototates, green beans, peaches, sweet peas...pretty much all veggies and fruit.
he weighs 20lbs 2oz and 26 3/4 inches long
he gets tired of what he is doing easily. on to one thing after another.
he laughs and laughs.
he has the biggest, cutest grin.
he loves to be outside, especially in the stroller.
he hates teething. (don't we all?)
he just got the next car seat up as he is growing out of his.
he puts away formula like its no one's business. though now he likes to play with the nipplie a lot now.
he can sit up with assistance. can stay up without but not for too long.
he loves his jumperoo.
he watches the dogs and cat go by...secretly planning his attack when he is up and crawling.

and now for a few layouts about the man!

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