Sunday, June 13, 2010

slacking again

i guess not really slacking since i have had a lot going on and just no time to post here. right now i have little man in front of the tv watching a cartoon. he loves it. i was thinking "is this ok or not?" i didn't want to prop him in front of the tv all the time. he loves the tv though. has watched it with eric so many times.

he is feeling a ton better. his ear infection is probably gone but we have to give him the antibiotics for 10 tens...just 3 to go. here are the pictures i took at the er while we were waiting.

just chilling on the bed till the dr comes in. that didn't last long. maybe 5 minutes.

daddy holding him to stop him from fussing. we all got fussy waiting over 2 hours.

and a close up of his id bracelet.

i tell ya, the kid gets cuter and cuter each day. i wish i could find a good, reasonably priced camera to capture him.

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