Tuesday, March 31, 2009

a little mini vacation

no we aren't doing anything exciting, just a little time to relax and clean around the house. we are both burnt out at work. retail is a pain in the butt at times. wish i could get away and totally get away from it all. i will one day!

today my goals are to clean the bedroom. it needs picked up so badly and dusted too. get some cards done for a card call. i want to get published again so maybe this will be the start of it. i have already sent them 12 to 15, I want to send a couple more. fingers crossed that i will get at least one in the summer issue. i'd like to be on a design team but.....maybe one day.

nails need to be polished. they are getting long and it is hard to type fast like i like to. but i like the nails so i will slow down lol.

off to get some cards photographed and emailed.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Color Inspiration #47

loved the colors this time. used the hero arts stamp set "live simply." wish i had a brown marker to fill in the trunk. i have a colored pencil but not sure if it would looke the same.

felt a little creative today and finished this layout i started last night. i am so excited to find a man that shared the love of photography like i do. *happy dance*

i'm really wanting to digital scrapbook but can't find my pe 4.0 cd. i deleted the program when i needed more memory and regret doing it now that i have the memory. i will find it. it's around here somewhere.

happy creating!


i am actually working on a layout! haven't been in the mood lately. oh my, just realized the crop is this saturday! i totally forgot. i swear i need something for my memory it is going faster than my saggy boobs!

had dinner with eric's parent last night. they were coming through town on their way back from branson. we ate at chili's. i enjoy listening to their stories.

relaxing again today. next week we have 3 days off! i want to get the living room done, as in get the rest of his boxes out of there and make it liveable again. i'd like to move his desk into the living room so it isn't by the drafty window in the dining room. i would love to paint but not sure what color yet.

that is about it for today. enjoy the cold, rainy weather. there is snow that is suppose to come. yay! NOT!

eta....finally, my blog looks normal again and doesn't have all the weird stuff at top of my posts! i missed doing banners too!

Sunday, March 22, 2009

color challenge #1

such fun, yummy colors! Glad Dawn is doing this. I love her work and I really love color challenges. They help me step out of the box a bit. I am a little low on time so this is what I threw together. glue is still a little wet on a few buttons :)

happy color challenge everyone!

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Anna wins!

Anna is the winner of my Pay it Forward post. It's been a few days and only one other has posted. Since Anna commented first I picked her. Didn't think anyone else would comment so I picked her so no one would forget about it.

Congrats Anna! Some fun stuff coming your way!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Color Inspiration #46

fun colors this time. i must admit i am a bit timid about using the pink and red. i'm not one that thinks they look that great together. tried to use the blue but couldn't find a way. great challenge for me!

if you would like to make cards for some special kids, click on my "cards for kids" logo.

happy card making!

ahhh, it's payday

been a little short on cash since kali decided to throw up blood last week, another trip to the vet...oh yeah i posted about that. so glad today i can get some things i needed to get....like laundry detergent! :)

had a great night last night. heather and her family are really nice. can't wait for more times together! so happy to have found a great man and a great family, something i have longed for for a very long time.

depression is getting better. i have learned that i need to take my medicine or else. when i am depressed i have to force myself out of bed. force myself to get dressed. force myself to not call into work. basically force myself to live my life. not fun. not something that eric wants to see. depression and anxiety are ugly. something i have lived with nearly all my life. people used to think i was faking it. ex in-laws thought i was faking it. they rarely came down. they said i wouldn't be a part of the family till i made it to their place. so much stuff was said and thankfully that is all in the past. i have a new life now and i never thought in my life i would be this happy. sometimes i look at all around me and stop to think how lucky and happy i am. i smile and shiver as it is the best feeling!

as i re-read the paragraph above i realized that you never know how much of an impact you will have on a person's life. i remembered all that was said from the beginning and there was so much hurtful stuff. one time i stood up for myself and i got my ass reemed because of it from him. i could never speak my side, ever. i wish i could make certain people see that i am so much happier now. that there was so much more that went on behind the picture than i ever said. i feel like moving on is hard for them but i am moving on if they like it or not. for years i lead my life for someone else. no matter how hard i tried it wasn't good enough. now i don't have to try. now i can be me. now i can breath and realize that i am done with the critizisms, the fakeness, the need to make them happy!

when you have anxiety disorder or any mental disorder for that matter, people that have never dealt with it don't know how to act or what to believe. they never got a chance to "know" me. they went off of each other's thoughts and made their own decision. i have problems meeting people as i fear they will make their own decisions about me and think i am weird for having anxiety. i'm shy at work a lot of the times because i stay there and wait on eric. i do go and work out at girlfriends, not all of the time but i'm trying to make a regular of it. i guess i still have a lot of hurt from the past that i need to let go of. i am free from all of it now so why keep thinking people will do what they did?

not sure where all of this came from but i guess i needed to say it. it just starting pouring from my fingers. i guess i am wanting a certain someone to see that my life is so much better now. i wish they would accept it and be happy for me. i wish they would take down the old pictures and get ready for the new ones. there is a life that is starting here and we've only just begun. he is the man i want to spend the rest of my life with.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

cards for kids

My brother and sister-in-law are in an organization called BACA, Bikers Against Child Abuse. I am wanting to help them by gathering cards for them to take and send to kids that their chapter adopts. Here is a little more about them:

Their Mission Statement: "Bikers Against Child Abuse (BACA) exists with the intent to create a safer environment for abused children. We exist as a body of Bikers to empower children to not feel afraid of the world in which they live. We stand ready to lend support to our wounded friends by involving them with an established, united organization. We work in conjunction with local and state officials who are already in place to protect children. We desire to send a clear message to all involved with the abused child that this child is a part of our organization, and that we are prepared to lend our physical and emotional support to them by affiliation, and our physical presence. We stand at the ready to shield these children from further abuse. We do not condone the use of violence or physical force in any manner, however, if circumstances arise such that we are the only obstacle preventing a child from further abuse, we stand ready to be that obstacle."

Will you help me in making a child smile and feel loved while they are going through difficult times? No child deserves any abuse. It is my goal to make them feel that they are wanted through cards. Cards are small. They can fit them in the palm of their hand, their pockets, books, the places are endless.

If you would like to join me, please email me at kansasscrapper@cox.net. The date to have the cards to me is June 1st. Get your local crops together to make cards. Send as many as you like. Topics for cards are: Hello, Happy Birthday, We Care, Any Holiday, etc. Use the standard size for each card. 3x3 are good as well. Cards will be sent throughout the year.

Here is a graphic you can put on your banner and link back to this site. This is the link to put with the graphic: http://kansasscrapper.blogspot.com/2009/03/cards-for-kids.html Please spread the word to let others know about this. The more cards we can get for kids the better.

I look forward to hearing for you!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

pay it forward!

i was the 6th person to reply at shauna's blog so it's my turn to pay it forward! it's fun to give stuff away. i have some scrapbook goodies to send to the 4th person that leaves me some lovin' here on my blog. so reply away and receive some cool stuff!

in other news, going to meet eric's sister and her family tomorrow night. totally excited about that. we're all doing dinner at del rio. she has two adorable daughters that i can't wait to meet too!

the weather is awesome here, in the 70's. hopefully tomorrow it will be sunny and warm...chance of rain...so we can go out and take pictures. ohhh i don't think i ever posted any of the pictures i took. here are a couple!

we took pictures of a train and its surroundings. the "K" is from a train that is at a park. i used to climb on it as a kid but now it is fenced off. i love altering photos in photoshop cs and using various actions. i use a lot of holly mccaig's actions.

that is it for today. off to work for 5.5 hours and i'm free for 2 days!

Saturday, March 14, 2009

it was a great day!

despite having to work, yesterday was a great day. mom and dad gave me a card on wed and some cash :). i got a funny card and gift certificate to hastings from kristin...she knows my weakness for hastings and yummy coffees! bethani brought me a card. she was off and came in to give me a card. a lot of people didn't know it was my birthday. when ashley found out she went home at lunch and made me cookies! eric got me a fun card, love the fonts and how they are displayed on it. i guess maybe i should take some pictures, huh? he wants to get me a present on thursday since due to kali going to the vet again, we are a bit short on cash till then.

kali...a totally different story! thursday she started throwing up blood so we decided to finally take her to the vet. she had been having some problems with diarrhea for about 1.5 weeks. i had switched her food and figured that was it but when she started throwing up blood i freaked. she has these sores on her back that she has had since she got fixed. we think it is from her freaking out when she got her stitches out and run under the bed. so she was running a little fever too. the vet says the diarrhea is from the food switching. he gave her antibiotics and something to line her stomach to stop the diarrhea. this cat has cost us $600 total in the last 2.5 months! but hopefully now all is good and she will be fine. actually she was back to herself about a week after she got fixed, she had a lot of problems prior to that. anyway, all is good with her now.

i went off my lexapro thinking i could do it on my own...depression says different. i decided i had to go back on. i do this from time to time. i get to feeling wonderful and think i don't need it but i do. that is why i feel great is because of the meds. i went back on it on wednesday and i am anxiously waiting to return to happy land. i am happy but with depression no matter what is going on in your life, good or bad, it tells you how to feel. i hate depression and anxiety. i have done a lot better this last year than i have in a long time.

eeks, i better get. time to get ready for work.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

a little birthday lovin'

i went to get my stampin up stamps from lois yesterday and this was waiting for me:

my birthday present from my secret sister. fun stuff! thank you to who ever you are!

i did this layout last night. love the paper from making memories, i need to get some more.

we're going to the movies this afternoon to see "he's just not that into you." i told eric i would go see "watchman" but it is almost 3 hours long! i think he can wait for video rofl.

off to eat and then get ready to go out.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Color Inspiration #45

i like to use black and white from time to time, so this was a fun one for me! i got a new stamp set from stampin up today, enjoy every moment. i was totally surprised to see that the rubber images pop right out, no more cutting. YAY!!!!

happy card making!!!

Monday, March 09, 2009

catching up, again

poor blog, does momma not love you? :)

did some layouts that i will share will quickly then update on what's been happening.

about the milemarker layout. we were out taking pictures when i noticed there was a 36 milemarker. i wanted to take a picture of 37 since that is still my age for 4 more days but there wasn't one??? so i got 38 instead and made a layout of it. the next one is of me and eric. it is for a challenge i did at scrapbook dreamer. and vinny, it was for a challenge i did last month at scrapbook dreamer but never posted. i've been wanting to make something and finally produced a layout but working on some of the challenges this month at sd. i'm hoping the urge is still there come wednesday when i am finally off and can scrap all i want.

things that has been happening. my boss from taco station son died in a car wreck. i went to school with todd since elementry school. eric and i went to the wake. i was so happy to see sam. i hadn't seen him for 4 years. he moved after he closed taco station. he looks just the same. i wish i knew where he was staying so i could go see him. i really do miss him and he's talks. a very smart guy. i saw a few people that i used to work with at taco station. was surprised that terry, todd's mom, remembered me. sometimes i think people forget about me since i don't really say that much...weird i know. was glad to see ryan too. they are all in my thoughts and prayers.

the total went up on our little photoshoot. we went out thursday and took a few more. i ended up taking about 300, eric 200. i am soooo friggin glad to find someone with the same interest. this is is going to be our way to relax and unwind. i am really thankful he is in my life. i love that man with all my life!

measured myself last week and decided that i HAVE to get back on track with my weight. i gained 3 inches in the waist and gut, not good. so i am back to watching what i eat. i will try my best to go to girlfriends after work to work out. saturday i didn't though. i was walking out of the site to store doors when anxiety hit. then last night they needed help with freight since they unloaded 2 trucks. i needed the money, money wins over exercising lol. i stocked in the soap isle, kinda fun!

hoping all goes smooth for heath today. he is getting his first round of cemo. sure wish i was close to keep carla company. sending positive thoughts there way! pet scan set for tomorrow.

well that is about it for this update. i think i will get a stamp set out and work on a little something before work.

Friday, March 06, 2009

are we cute together or what?

i took this of us yesterday. we went to a park and took a few more pictures. i love this photo!

Thursday, March 05, 2009

an awesome day

eric and i had a great day yesterday. we drove around town looking at various things and taking plenty of photos. i took 235, he took 188. the plans are for today: pick up paycheck (party time since we got got over time and my first big check lol), lunch with dane and his wife and their friend, go out and take more pictures. come home and hopefully make something like a card our layout. watch private practice that comes on again tonight after not being on last week. relax and edit some photos.

it's windy today and the high is suppose to be in the upper 70's. i am trying to decide what to wear today as I have gained inches and i am not happy at all about that! what does that mean boys and girls??? rhonda is back on the bandwagon. going to eat right again and go religiously to girlfriends after work and work out. 1 hour of cardio no if, and's or buts....

now to shower and begin the day!

Tuesday, March 03, 2009

ready for...

warm weather. scrapbooking. picture taking. world of warcraft. relaxing.

those are my plans for my days off. i can't wait to get out and play around town with my new camera that i got last month. i haven't been out to take pictures in a while. may take the tripod and get some of me and eric! hmmm, just had that idea, think i will!

sending positive thoughts to carla and heath that all goes good today with the oncologist. wishing i lived closer so i could be with her.

not much new happening around here, which i guess can be really good, huh? :)

Sunday, March 01, 2009

cards from the crop

i had a great time yesterday at the crop. such a fun group of ladies. eric's mom came down, hoping she comes next month too. had fun just listening to people and laughing. i forgot my pop dots so when i got home i fixed two cards to make them look a bit better where pop dots would ya know ;)

it snowed yesterday too. while i do admit it was pretty and relaxing to scrap and watch the snow, however i am ready for the warm weather and want it asap! day light savings is a week from today and i can't wait!
off to make a card or layout before work. nothing like a crop to boost ya!