Thursday, March 26, 2009


i am actually working on a layout! haven't been in the mood lately. oh my, just realized the crop is this saturday! i totally forgot. i swear i need something for my memory it is going faster than my saggy boobs!

had dinner with eric's parent last night. they were coming through town on their way back from branson. we ate at chili's. i enjoy listening to their stories.

relaxing again today. next week we have 3 days off! i want to get the living room done, as in get the rest of his boxes out of there and make it liveable again. i'd like to move his desk into the living room so it isn't by the drafty window in the dining room. i would love to paint but not sure what color yet.

that is about it for today. enjoy the cold, rainy weather. there is snow that is suppose to come. yay! NOT!

eta....finally, my blog looks normal again and doesn't have all the weird stuff at top of my posts! i missed doing banners too!

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