Saturday, March 14, 2009

it was a great day!

despite having to work, yesterday was a great day. mom and dad gave me a card on wed and some cash :). i got a funny card and gift certificate to hastings from kristin...she knows my weakness for hastings and yummy coffees! bethani brought me a card. she was off and came in to give me a card. a lot of people didn't know it was my birthday. when ashley found out she went home at lunch and made me cookies! eric got me a fun card, love the fonts and how they are displayed on it. i guess maybe i should take some pictures, huh? he wants to get me a present on thursday since due to kali going to the vet again, we are a bit short on cash till then.

kali...a totally different story! thursday she started throwing up blood so we decided to finally take her to the vet. she had been having some problems with diarrhea for about 1.5 weeks. i had switched her food and figured that was it but when she started throwing up blood i freaked. she has these sores on her back that she has had since she got fixed. we think it is from her freaking out when she got her stitches out and run under the bed. so she was running a little fever too. the vet says the diarrhea is from the food switching. he gave her antibiotics and something to line her stomach to stop the diarrhea. this cat has cost us $600 total in the last 2.5 months! but hopefully now all is good and she will be fine. actually she was back to herself about a week after she got fixed, she had a lot of problems prior to that. anyway, all is good with her now.

i went off my lexapro thinking i could do it on my own...depression says different. i decided i had to go back on. i do this from time to time. i get to feeling wonderful and think i don't need it but i do. that is why i feel great is because of the meds. i went back on it on wednesday and i am anxiously waiting to return to happy land. i am happy but with depression no matter what is going on in your life, good or bad, it tells you how to feel. i hate depression and anxiety. i have done a lot better this last year than i have in a long time.

eeks, i better get. time to get ready for work.

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Stamp-o-maticmama said...

very fun idea, i have a fun pay it forward story and love the pay it forward idea... in today's times it nice to pay it forward whenever possible..

have a lovely day!