Saturday, August 22, 2009

since i am putting off getting ready cuz i'm lazy...

here's some awesome photos from flickr that i am lovin today!

1. "We can learn a lot from trees: they're always grounded but never stop reaching heavenward" ~Everett Mámor, 2. London Eye at Night, 3. Skydiver, 4. HappyBirthDay (^) <:o), 5. Sad Boxer, 6. , 7. I Love Converse, 8. tears for you, 9. (im)possible - 282/365

happy birthday to my awesome man!

tonight we are going out to eat with our parents. they are finally meeting! :) i've been sick with a bad head cold so we haven't done much of anything the last 3 days. i didn't get his present since we didn't work last night. ran a fever one night and got a bit freaked out. feeling better. basically just congested and a slight headache. i'm really tired of laying around and doing nothing but watching tv. i did watch the season premiere of project runway. so glad it is back. i usually have a favorite on the first show that i want to win but this season will be hard. i have a couple that i like. a lot of talent this season.

just 5 days till we find out what the little one is. can't wait to start calling it by it's name. i think we have decided on the names...think! i think i am more excited about making the cupcakes and telling people are work than anything. fun stuff!

not much new since i've been sick. wish i could get motivated to play with paper and stamps but just can't. i wonder if my desire for scrapbooking and card making is really gone? the new stamps i got in the stamp club are great and i love them, just no desire yet. hope it comes soon!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

just a week to go

then we finally found out what we are having. i am not a patient person. this has been driving me nuts. i want to buy things and do but not a lot. more girl things actually. if it is a girl we are wanting the name payton reese. a boy liam...something. can't figure out a boys middle name yet.

i can't believe that when i found out in april that i wasn't really happy at all. i remember on mother's day we had a store meeting at work. during the meeting the manager said i was going to be a mom. i cringed. i wasn't excited. wasn't happy. i was tired. i wasn't on my meds. i felt like crap. once i started eating right and on my meds i felt a ton better. so, if i get pg again, i will stay on my meds and eat every couple of hours to keep my energy up. i didn't do that today though. only ate twice. not good. explains why i am tired but yet i am not ready for bed.

having a kid is scary. not just the birth process but paying for it afterwards. right now it is hard at times. i can't imagine what it will be like when its here. i want to be a better person so i can teach it the right way instead of a lot of things i am settled into. after 38 years here i have quite a bit experience but wish i did somethings a lot differently. i know that i will not let my kid be afraid of anything! maybe while i am teaching them that i can teach myself also.

so many things to do around the house to get ready for it. no energy on my days off. after working all week i just want to lay at home and veg. when is the nesting suppose to start cause it needs to be soon so i can get some stuff done :)

felt the baby move a lot today. one of thos days where i feel it a lot. tomorrow i am sure i won't feel it as much. that's how it goes right now. i'm just anxiously awaiting december and waiting for the next step of my life to start. here's to new beginnings!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

wish i could sleep the whole night through

but my arms fall asleep all time. since i have to lay on my miss my arms and hands fall asleep in no time. today i am up at 9:30am since i can't sleep. i get so comfortable and then the tingling starts again. so aggrivating!

what's in store for today? chilling around the house. i feel like we don't spend enough time at home. i feel we are always at work and then on our days off we run around town. we are going out to my parents for dinner. mom made this yummy peach cobbler that i have been thinking about since i had some last week. so we got to go out and get some more. yummy stuff!

here's a layout i did last night from speed scrap at Ginger Scraps:

i really like the speed scrapping. you never know what theywill want you to do. think i may try it again tonight if i am up to it!


Wednesday, August 12, 2009

speaking of cupcakes....

had to go to flickr to see some cupcakes to maybe get ideas. but nothing but a bit of icing on top of mine and maybe i have the patiences to decorate cupcakes when i am wanting to tell everyone so bad :)

1. enchanted garden cupcakes, 2. Snowflake Cupcakes, 3. Baby Telia Rae Cupcakes, 4. Cow Cupcakes (almost finished), 5. It's A Girl Cupcakes, 6. coconut jewel cupcakes 1, 7. alice in wonderland cupcakes, 8. White & Gold Wedding Cupcakes, 9. christmas cupcakes

i'm half way there!

it's hard to believe that i am half way through this pregnancy. there are times where i still wonder if this is all real. it took me so long to get here. i am so happy each day i feel the little one more around. i can't wait till the 27th to see what it is. we are going to make cupcakes to take to work to announce what it is. the inside will either be blue or pink. gotta eat a cupcake if you want to know what it is :)

definately need to clean the house tonight. last week i didn't do anything but lay around. i kinda want to play with some stamps tonight. been a while since i made a card. i know once i get up and get motivated i will have energy, right now i just want to lay down and read or watch tv. i value my days off so much now. used to want to go out and do things. now i just want to stay at home and veg.

bought the first package of diapers the other day. need to buy more each payday or put money on a walmart card to buy them when she/he comes. bought four outfits for a buck each. i need to stop buying till we find out what it is. though i can take the stuff back, it's all girls stuff and well, what if is it a boy? lol

off to read and then clean.

Thursday, August 06, 2009

a little photoshop time

spent some time going through the pictures i took last week and photoshopping them. i love photoshop cs! i am totally addicted to actions! can't get enough of them!

same picture different filter.....

we are so excited that my blood work for downs, spina bifida and the other thing that i can't remember lol...came back normal. so relieved and so happy! i'm trying to find some maternity clothes online. no luck. really expensive. i need a good pair to wear to work to support my belly. we bought a monitor to listen to the heart....we'll take it back. one thing, i am too early i think to hear anything from a $20 piece of equipment. another thing...there's a lot of fat for that thing to go through to find the heartbeat. so it will be going back. eric thinks he heard the heartbeat but i never did.
i was a bum all day yesterday. didn't do anything at home. house looks bad, well not too bad...but no energy. maybe today!