Saturday, August 22, 2009

happy birthday to my awesome man!

tonight we are going out to eat with our parents. they are finally meeting! :) i've been sick with a bad head cold so we haven't done much of anything the last 3 days. i didn't get his present since we didn't work last night. ran a fever one night and got a bit freaked out. feeling better. basically just congested and a slight headache. i'm really tired of laying around and doing nothing but watching tv. i did watch the season premiere of project runway. so glad it is back. i usually have a favorite on the first show that i want to win but this season will be hard. i have a couple that i like. a lot of talent this season.

just 5 days till we find out what the little one is. can't wait to start calling it by it's name. i think we have decided on the names...think! i think i am more excited about making the cupcakes and telling people are work than anything. fun stuff!

not much new since i've been sick. wish i could get motivated to play with paper and stamps but just can't. i wonder if my desire for scrapbooking and card making is really gone? the new stamps i got in the stamp club are great and i love them, just no desire yet. hope it comes soon!

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