Thursday, August 13, 2009

wish i could sleep the whole night through

but my arms fall asleep all time. since i have to lay on my miss my arms and hands fall asleep in no time. today i am up at 9:30am since i can't sleep. i get so comfortable and then the tingling starts again. so aggrivating!

what's in store for today? chilling around the house. i feel like we don't spend enough time at home. i feel we are always at work and then on our days off we run around town. we are going out to my parents for dinner. mom made this yummy peach cobbler that i have been thinking about since i had some last week. so we got to go out and get some more. yummy stuff!

here's a layout i did last night from speed scrap at Ginger Scraps:

i really like the speed scrapping. you never know what theywill want you to do. think i may try it again tonight if i am up to it!


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