Wednesday, August 12, 2009

i'm half way there!

it's hard to believe that i am half way through this pregnancy. there are times where i still wonder if this is all real. it took me so long to get here. i am so happy each day i feel the little one more around. i can't wait till the 27th to see what it is. we are going to make cupcakes to take to work to announce what it is. the inside will either be blue or pink. gotta eat a cupcake if you want to know what it is :)

definately need to clean the house tonight. last week i didn't do anything but lay around. i kinda want to play with some stamps tonight. been a while since i made a card. i know once i get up and get motivated i will have energy, right now i just want to lay down and read or watch tv. i value my days off so much now. used to want to go out and do things. now i just want to stay at home and veg.

bought the first package of diapers the other day. need to buy more each payday or put money on a walmart card to buy them when she/he comes. bought four outfits for a buck each. i need to stop buying till we find out what it is. though i can take the stuff back, it's all girls stuff and well, what if is it a boy? lol

off to read and then clean.

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