Sunday, September 27, 2009

some digital layouts

worked on these at hastings while drinking a yummy chai tea and hearing scrubs in the background. tired from yesterday. didn't realize going to the game would wear me out. sometimes i can't get used to pregnancy lol. i think "oh i can do this with no problem and not be tired." not any more. and i am sure him going nuts at the game made me somewhat tired too. not the super woman i thought i once was. and i am sure i will be getting more tired as the months go by. sleep....oh how i miss the!


been having this discharge and not sure what to think of it. books say it is normal. called the ob since it was after midnight and they say that it is normal. as long as i am not cramping, water hasn't broken, contractions, etc., then i am ok. i will call the dr on monday and make sure all is well. i did have spotting from day one, every couple of weeks, so this pinkish discharge makes me think it could be that still happening. there is a lot that happens that the drs don't know why, very annoying at times. just don't want anything to happen to this baby since i have waited so long. my body says all is well. as far as i know i haven't had any contractions. crampy, pressure feeling when i bend over or if have been working. peace of mind...that's all i long for at times.

here's a pic of eric and i at the game yesterday. we had fun even though pitt state lost. we won't even go there.
little man kicked so much during the game. he started it when the band started playing before the game. he seemed to have a great time. just wait buddy, lots of football games in your future! :) i realized at the game today that having a boy will be so much fun. i love football and nascar. if it was a girl would she? i can definately relate to boys more. it will be fun watching games and races with him. gonna be a blast!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

definately showing!

yesterday we could wear jeans to work if we donated $1 to children's miracle network. i bought a pair of maternity jeans a few weeks ago and was excited to wear them. holy moly, my stomach is way out there. 6 months pregnant? more like 9 lol

that was taken in the bathroom at work with a goofy, cheesey grin.

i saw him kick on tuesday sept 15th. first time i seen it. i thought i wouldn't be able to see him kick due to being fat lol. i was so happy to see that. i can't wait till i am further along and i see a lot more. eric looked down and then he stopped. he did that he other night when i first felt him kick on top of my stomach. i had eric come in and then he stopped. didn't do it again till he had left for a while. i can't wait till eric and see him and fell him too. he will love it.

next week i have the glucose test. i'm not afraid of passing it, pretty sure i will do fine. i always look forward to going to the dr to hear the heartbeat. after that appointment i will go in 3 weeks and then start the every 2 weeks and then the once a week. we are starting birthing classes next month. this has went by so fast. i can't believe it. it seems like just yesterday i found out i was pregnant and saw the little bitty heart flashing on the screen. before i know it he will be here and all will be complete in my life. i wanted a baby before 40 and i will finally get my wish. thank you god! god does listen. he has blessed me so much in the last year and especially now. i know all will be great and go smooth because he truly is a child sent from god.

i didn't think i would ever get pregnant or well keep a pregnancy. i was beginning to think i was too old and my eggs were fried. but there was one in there that was a keeper. i am wanting to get closer to god and become a better person for liam. i want to get rid of the ways i think, the negative, and teach him to be brave, bold and strong. with god's help i know i can do this. my fear decreases each day...labor fears, not so much lol

Monday, September 14, 2009

invitation ideas

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a little creating

finally i have produced more than a baby lately. i did 3 cards and a digital layout. after i post this i will be off to the scrapbook room to do more cards or layouts. maybe both.

here are the cards. a new stamp set by stampin up. no...i don't remember the names of the sets but they are in the new catty if that helps lol.

have today off so i am chilling and relaxing at the computer. eric is playing the new batman game. dogs are asleep. crazy days off this week. hope i get some rest at some point. can't wait till the schedule is back to normal. liam thinks there is a trampoline in my stomach. don't know what he was bouncing off of but it felt like he was bouncing back and forth from something. wasn't my bladder or i would have peed lol.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

time is flying by

wow, it is almost the middle of september and what have we done to get the house ready? not one thing. i am getting some energy back but who knows how long it will stay. i want all the carpets up in the house. i don't care what the floors look like i want them up. after years of having pets the carpets need to go. hopefully by the time he starts crawling, which is a ways away since he isn't here till december, we will have wood floors down.

my parents got us the precious planet playard at walmart. the theme is precious planet for the little guys room. i haven't seen this play yard anywhere:

a gal at work told me there where in the back and i freaked. we only got 2 in. there are NO WHERE online. so after calling mom and explaining how liam needs this really bad, LOL, we went and got it yesterday. i soooo can't wait to set it up. i can't wait to decorate his room either!

last night he kicked and i felt it on the outside of my stomach! first time, well he did it a couple of weeks ago higher up on my stomach but last night i felt him move and put my hand down there, took awhile but he finally kicked. he stops kicking if you put your hand anywhere on my stomach. tricky little man! to get ready for a short night at work. going to get some pancakes before work. i really need to grocery shop.

Monday, September 07, 2009

Today was awesome

The little man hasn't moved a lot. You basic fluttering. A poke here or there. I don't think he's much of a mover. But today he moved either a leg, arm, or perhap his body, from the lower part of my uterus and up. It was an awesome feeling. He's been moving quite a bit today. He mainly moves after work but today he was moving at work.

This is such a miracle. I am so happy!
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Sunday, September 06, 2009

some flickr loving

1. Squirrel Pancake, 2. 246/365, 3. I Am Taaaaall, 4. Boogie Fever, 5. Untitled, 6. Heinz Hall Stairway, 7. YAWN, 8. Travelling without a destination, 9. pink daisy

now off to shampoo carpets. yay!!!

Saturday, September 05, 2009

It's a boy!

Yeah, it took me a week to blog that its a boy. I am in shock and so happy. I wanted a girl but a boy is just as fine with me. I've already seen some sweet boy clothes at Babies R Us. Having a boy will be enjoyable. I think I can relate to them more.

When I was growing up I used to play with my neighbors, Dale and Ellen. I had to get a boys bike to ride around and through the ditch. I started playing with cars. My dad and brother used to race motorcycles, so we went to area tracks so they could race. When I was about 13 or so, maybe before, we'd go to MoKan and watch races. I did play with dolls and barbies but the majority of stuff was boy related.

We decided to name him Liam Jackson. I got Liam from Tori Spelling. Loved that name when I first heard it. We thought of other names but I always thought Liam was the best.

I can't wait for December to get here so we can see our little noy. He's already so loved by everyone.
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