Monday, September 14, 2009

a little creating

finally i have produced more than a baby lately. i did 3 cards and a digital layout. after i post this i will be off to the scrapbook room to do more cards or layouts. maybe both.

here are the cards. a new stamp set by stampin up. no...i don't remember the names of the sets but they are in the new catty if that helps lol.

have today off so i am chilling and relaxing at the computer. eric is playing the new batman game. dogs are asleep. crazy days off this week. hope i get some rest at some point. can't wait till the schedule is back to normal. liam thinks there is a trampoline in my stomach. don't know what he was bouncing off of but it felt like he was bouncing back and forth from something. wasn't my bladder or i would have peed lol.

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