Sunday, September 13, 2009

time is flying by

wow, it is almost the middle of september and what have we done to get the house ready? not one thing. i am getting some energy back but who knows how long it will stay. i want all the carpets up in the house. i don't care what the floors look like i want them up. after years of having pets the carpets need to go. hopefully by the time he starts crawling, which is a ways away since he isn't here till december, we will have wood floors down.

my parents got us the precious planet playard at walmart. the theme is precious planet for the little guys room. i haven't seen this play yard anywhere:

a gal at work told me there where in the back and i freaked. we only got 2 in. there are NO WHERE online. so after calling mom and explaining how liam needs this really bad, LOL, we went and got it yesterday. i soooo can't wait to set it up. i can't wait to decorate his room either!

last night he kicked and i felt it on the outside of my stomach! first time, well he did it a couple of weeks ago higher up on my stomach but last night i felt him move and put my hand down there, took awhile but he finally kicked. he stops kicking if you put your hand anywhere on my stomach. tricky little man! to get ready for a short night at work. going to get some pancakes before work. i really need to grocery shop.

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