Sunday, July 31, 2011

scripture and a snapsnot #4

i love this scripture. after 3 losses i had liam. i prayed so much when i was pregnant with him. i didn't want to lose him. i prayed every night for a healthy pregnancy, a fast, smooth, painless as possible delievery. i  never had any morning sickness. no high blood pressure. no gestational diabetes. he was born via csection because he wouldn't drop. after 7 hours on piticon, nearly the highest it would go, he was born within 25 minutes on december 21st, 2009 at 5:43pm. 7lb 12.5 ounces. 18 inches long. God knew it was time. liam was so worth the wait!

if you would like to participate, here is the information copied from her site:

Want to join in this challenge?
Here's how to participate:
1. Select a scripture.
My hope is that each week you will search your Bible and select a verse that has meaning for you.
Here's a link to a good Bible verse search engine.
2. Add a photo to it.
I hope that you will chose a photo that goes with your chosen scripture, and not just throw these two elements together. The photo can be from your archives or a new shot. Please only use your own photos. You can have the scripture on your photo, below it, make a collage - however you want, as long as the two elements are together!

3. Put the Scripture & a Snapshot button in your post.
You won't be deleted or banned if you don't. It just helps spread the word...and the Word. ;)
It also helps visitors from the blog hop quickly identify your Scripture & a Snapshot post.

4. Come back here and link up your post.
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week in the life day, saturday

didn't take too many pictures today either. but i am sure today, sunday, i will have a lot to take since eric's family is coming! yay!!!!

another healthy choice for our breakfast break. yeah...i need to eat more healthy!

i had to run to payless at lunch to get some shoes for my interview.

i had an interview at at&t. it went really good. the only bad thing, i would be losing quite a bit per hour, so i won't be taking it even if i did get it.

we got a much needed storm but it didn't last long. there was a chance of rain but we didn't know it was going to storm. all the sudden there is this loud thunder and liam screams!!! it lasted about 20 minutes. the rain, not his screaming lol

eric made dinner! it is his own little experiment that is really good!!!

that is it for today. :)

Saturday, July 30, 2011

week in the life day, friday

i didn't take too many pictures today. it was a hot, long day. i was ready to go home from work and relax.

at walmart we donate to feeding america. the food we donate goes to the wesley house here in town. they give them out to people that need food. this is one thing that i am proud about for being a walmart associate. i'm glad we can help people out there that are hungry.

we went to wendy's for lunch. their lemonade is awesome!!!

i love when i get an avon order. i also like looking through the books. i've always loved makeup, skin care and jewelry.

when we got home this was on the porch!

my order from 2peas in a bucket. and what was inside? (btw, it only took two days to get my order. my orders always arrive fast!)

yep, my smash book. this is awesome! if you love scrapbooking and/or journaling, you have to try the smash book and the accessories! love!

and last but not least, the dude watching diego or seseme street. not sure which one....oops!

Friday, July 29, 2011

5 minute friday

today's word for the 5 minute friday is "still." more information is here:

i still have issues with anxiety from time to time. i'm trying to find a way to help myself get over it but it is hard. i still haven't figured out the one little thing that will get rid of all of it. i am still searching for that little piece of information that will help me to figure it out.

i still wish i wouldn't have let it stop me like it did so many years ago and ruin a lot of my life. i still have regrets. i still have grudges. i still wish they understood.

i still have places i want to go. i still have people to meet. i still need to live my life the way god wanted me too.

i still want to write a book. i still want to travel all over and let everyone know you can beat agoraphobia. i still wish people would understand that it hurts when they say hateful things about it. not a day goes by that i wish they could understand what i go through. they still don't.

i still want to be me. it won't beat me. i won't let it.

week in the life day, thursday

here we go! if you are doing this, please send me a link to your site. i'd love to see what you are doing!

we are on our way to work! after we drop off the dude, we head down the bypass to get to work.

today was my 3rd year anniversary at walmart. when it is your birthday or anniversary, the time clock will acknowledge it!

we bought our 2008 pontiac g6 in january. love this car!!!

however, i do not like it when it tells me this:

we stop at bo's one stop on the days we don't get to sonic's happy hour. i love the pepsi they have there. right out of the fountain!

one thing i am so grateful for in my life is the dishwasher! what a life saver this machine is.

we went to the mall to find me a pair of shoes. mine are so worn out. they are probably 6 months old. my feet and legs have been hurthing really bad. i felt guilty about getting new shoes but eric says i need them like everyone else. i know i do, but after having liam i am afraid to spend money. i try to choose wishly as to what i spend our hard earned money on. liam loves the fountain at the mall. he loves to throw pennys in it. eric stocked up with pennys in his pocket, but it wasn't enough. i'd say about 30'ish of them. dude throw a fit when we ran out! :)

another thing he loves to do is run the mall! no wonder this kid freaks out when we drive by, he loves it here! here he is at the candy and playing a video game!

here are some random shots of liam playing tonight. the kid does not lack toys! lol

that is all for today.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

week in the life day, wednesday

i am having so much fun doing this! by doing this i am realizing that i am so blessed. i knew i was, but once you see it at a different point of view it hits home. these photos show our life. i am so happy to be with my little family of 3!

at 7:44am it is....

we drove liam off at the sitters, which is a block away.

at work, someone took an order for a cake. the decorator didn't come in till that afternoon. so i stepped up and did what i could to make a cake look like one that she ordered. we were out of the kit she wanted, it was a dora cake. the plastic pieces are where dora, diego and boots go.

break time. we usually have a donut and a pepsi. this is the sticky bun that i LOVE. found it it is being deleted! bummed!

here are 3 of the people i work with. kodi is the one by herself. alice is the one looking at the camera. elizabeth is the one that is actually working. :)

as you saw from yesterday's post, i work in the bakery. i stock the floor. this is what my day usually looks like, the above photos and this:

after work i head to hastings to read these two new magazines!!! sorry, but i can not and will not pay $15 per magazine. i did at one time, never again!

then it is off to sonic for happy hour once again! this time i get us ice tea. so much better for this heat!

speaking of the heat....

we go and pick up liam. then off to the library for me to recheck out a book and to see if there is anything new.

i bought liam a little piggy bank while back. here he is filling it up!

dude, i don't think this ball is going to fit into the hoop!

he thinks he is a monkey!

we took a ride again about 8pm. we like to drive around the baseball park. liam loves the lights, even if they are off. we turned the corner and i said "oh the lights are turned off, darn." liam's reply..."darn." lol

as we drove around the baseball field, this is what was waiting for us as we rounded the last turn:

and that is our wednesday!