Tuesday, July 05, 2011

some new layouts

it's been a little while since i have posted some new layouts so here ya go!
did this one just a few minutes ago!

we had a great 4th. liam liked the fireworks but nothing really loud. if we would light something that would be loud he would look at us like "is that going to be loud?" his favorites were smoke balls and fountains. he liked watching them from a distance but if it was upclose and loud...not too much. i'm sure that the sound hurt his ears due to the tubes. he sat in the pool while we shot off some fireworks. that kep him content till we went inside.

now that the 4th is over it is going to seem like the summer will go fast. which is good since it is so friggin hot! i don't handle heat well. never really have. would i handle it better if i wasn't fat? haha. doubtful. which brings me to another topic....losing weight. i've pretty much have had it. i'm starting to eat better. not 100% yet but here and there. i am not going to stop everything at once. this is how i lost the 74lbs. i started walking. i started feeling good so i started eating better. then i stopped the pop. the all work together when you start one. it is amazing how you start to feel better and you want to do this and that better. i am tired of not finding cute clothes. i want to be able to get on the floor with liam and not feel like a beached whale trying to get up off the floor. not fun. i will get it off. slowly but surely.

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