Monday, July 25, 2011

monday pinterest

ohhhh, so many cool things once again. i am so addicted to this site! here is my direct link: remember to click on the picture to go to their owner!

i love this wreath! i'd like to make one for the fall with a big "r"!

love how they did this shot. who knew a laundry mat would be a good location?!

and another farris wheel. oh i love this one!!!!

i adore this picture. love how it is all pink and the balloons...they make the photo fun!

love this idea for the bedroom!!!!

i need to find a really cool frame and do this with the "r" my mom gave me. the "r" hung in my bedroom when i was a teen!

when i was a kid i collected stickers. (probably not a good thing when i started scrapbooking because i bought tons of stickers i never used). i saw this and remembered how i loved scratch and sniff stickers. they always smelled just like the real thing!

i need this in a 20x20 size lol

i would love to learn how to make this. can you imagine it over a couch?

or this...

that's it for this week!!!

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Joy Madison said...

love pinterest. This is a similar scrolly frame that people have been raving about at Ikea.