Friday, July 29, 2011

week in the life day, thursday

here we go! if you are doing this, please send me a link to your site. i'd love to see what you are doing!

we are on our way to work! after we drop off the dude, we head down the bypass to get to work.

today was my 3rd year anniversary at walmart. when it is your birthday or anniversary, the time clock will acknowledge it!

we bought our 2008 pontiac g6 in january. love this car!!!

however, i do not like it when it tells me this:

we stop at bo's one stop on the days we don't get to sonic's happy hour. i love the pepsi they have there. right out of the fountain!

one thing i am so grateful for in my life is the dishwasher! what a life saver this machine is.

we went to the mall to find me a pair of shoes. mine are so worn out. they are probably 6 months old. my feet and legs have been hurthing really bad. i felt guilty about getting new shoes but eric says i need them like everyone else. i know i do, but after having liam i am afraid to spend money. i try to choose wishly as to what i spend our hard earned money on. liam loves the fountain at the mall. he loves to throw pennys in it. eric stocked up with pennys in his pocket, but it wasn't enough. i'd say about 30'ish of them. dude throw a fit when we ran out! :)

another thing he loves to do is run the mall! no wonder this kid freaks out when we drive by, he loves it here! here he is at the candy and playing a video game!

here are some random shots of liam playing tonight. the kid does not lack toys! lol

that is all for today.

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