Saturday, July 16, 2011

this week in pictures

the first set of pictures were taken a few weeks ago, remember the momma bird that i took pictures of?

a few weeks back little birdy was born. i drove by her daily to see if she had them yet. from what i could see in the picture there are two eggs. i only saw one bird though.

little bird tried and tried to walk all over the big rocks to get to his momma below. "come on baby, you can do it."

"yay, i made it. man those rocks were HUGE!!!!"

"mom...wait up!!!!" "you can do it little birdy. follow momma. i will show you how to walk." the little bird would stumble every few steps.

"you're almost here little birdy. just a few more steps and you will be caught up with momma."

i think momma was playing "peek a boo" here.

such a tiny little thing. it was getting the hang of walking. i bet it wasn't born too long before i was watching it. i never saw the birds after that day. i hope all is ok and they are off looking for worms to eat.

cue to this week.....
here is liam in his chair. i think this is a sign that he will be a gamer just like his dad!

here is liam and eric playing the fish game that ruthann, a lady i work with in the bakery, got him.

this morning on the way to work we saw two fox in our neighbors yard. they were just as calm as can be while we drove by.

i'm trying to take more pictures. hopefully i can remember "hey...grab the camera." liam is growing so fast. i want to remember it all!!!

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