Wednesday, July 20, 2011

when it's 100 degrees out what do you do?

well i scrapbook. i have no desire to get out when it is this hot. i'm not really looking forward to when liam is in baseball and sitting out in this heat. eeks! till it cools down to where we can go out and play, we stay indoors and play. we go on nightly car rides to wind liam down. since we don't play outside he gets a bit of cabin fever. the kid hates heat like me so i don't let him go out in it.

after listening to shimelle laine at ali edward's blog about scrapbooking, i want to take more pictures and scrap more of the little things. so i come up with this layout a little while ago:

here are the other 3 i have made this week.

now to get more ink for the printer and print them off! what have you been scrapping lately?

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