Friday, July 29, 2011

5 minute friday

today's word for the 5 minute friday is "still." more information is here:

i still have issues with anxiety from time to time. i'm trying to find a way to help myself get over it but it is hard. i still haven't figured out the one little thing that will get rid of all of it. i am still searching for that little piece of information that will help me to figure it out.

i still wish i wouldn't have let it stop me like it did so many years ago and ruin a lot of my life. i still have regrets. i still have grudges. i still wish they understood.

i still have places i want to go. i still have people to meet. i still need to live my life the way god wanted me too.

i still want to write a book. i still want to travel all over and let everyone know you can beat agoraphobia. i still wish people would understand that it hurts when they say hateful things about it. not a day goes by that i wish they could understand what i go through. they still don't.

i still want to be me. it won't beat me. i won't let it.


Anonymous said...

I love the determination in your "voice" at the end! Beautiful post ...

Traci Michele said...

isn't it comforting that there is "still" time.

for sure...

LOVE your blue, yellow, and brown blog!


Soul Stops said...

Thanks for sharing honestly and for being bold about being you. I'm pretty sure God is smiling at you. Thank you also for visiting my blog.