Thursday, July 07, 2011

4th of july

the 4th is was my favorite holiday. christmas used to be. years ago i loved it. i won't go into detail about who made me start hating it. but now that i have eric and liam, christmas is back on the number one spot. plus, after having liam, spending money and literally watching it go up in smoke depresses me. we did get a few fireworks. i will always love the 4th though. i love lighting things on fire :)

liam's favorite firework were smoke balls. no noise to them just color.

he watched as eric lit them. after eric would light one he would take him another one.

i think my favorite thing was this. yes...i am a bit crazy!

if it was cooler on the 4th then maybe i would love it again but man...i can't get happy when it is 100 degrees! just ain't gonna happen!
stay cool!

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Stephanie said...

HaHa!! James wanted me to get the pooping dog, I said no! I just love that little guy! He is just so adorable!!!