Friday, February 27, 2009

Color Inspiration #43

fun colors this time. i went with a small stamp set i got from 2peas that is by technique tuesday. they are a tiny set but really fun to work with!

happy card making to all!

Thursday, February 26, 2009


not much new here. enjoyed a warm day yesterday. after volunteering to work for 6 hours, we came home, took the dogs out and had fun watching them play. i can not wait for spring to hit. so many ideas. eric wants to cook out...loving that! i want to play flowers. oh how i love warm weather.

going to a crop on saturday with laura, eric's mom. can't wait. got some new goodies from 2peas and laura. i got a set of hero art stamps that i am anxious to play with!

sending positive thoughts and prayers to carla and her dh. hoping it isn't cancer. carla, i am here for you!
peace to all!

Friday, February 20, 2009

a couple of layouts

i didn't find my elements 4.0 cd, so i downloaded a trial version of 7.0, which i would love to have! so here are the layouts. i used random kits. memory makers magazine has some great free ones!

so there are my two layouts. i wanted to make some cards but i am out of white cardstock, getting some tonight at work. it was nice to make some digital for a change.
of to get ready for the exciting land of retail!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

a little bit of this...

sick with a cold again, 3rd time since christmas i might add! uggg! i'm trying to get into the mood to make something. i want to digital scrapbook really bad but i can't find my elements 4.0 cd. i took it off my computer since it was running slow. i got more memory and now i want to scrap! oh well, i am sure it will show up soon.

we had lunch at a new place in town, fat daddys. o.m.g! look at this yummy double cheeseburger and onion rings!

i totally recommend it! the onion rings are to die for!

here is a picture of kali that totally cracks me up. she likes to lay on the back of my chair when i am at the computer. every once in a while she claws the crap out of my back when she jumps. grrrr
yep, she will lay like that for hours. i will pull the chair in and out and she continues to stay like that. crazy cat!

and here is dottie. i caught her laying on the couch with her ears sticking out as she slept. of course she woke up when i got the camera out.

so that is it for the kids. vinny got his time so it was time to share the other two. i really wish i could get motivated to do something but i can't. i don't want to paper scrap and since i can't find my cd that is all i can do. *whine* where in the heck did i put it???? to do something productive.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

i so need a break

actually, i would like a new job! but in this economic times i won't be looking for one just yet. i will keep putting up with the bs that goes on...yes i know it is every job...but there has to be a happy medium somewhere! and then when you think you trust goes all to crap! i have to go in tomorrow for a manditory meeting. hopefully this will help with what all is going on. i checked with personel and there are only 2 openings, overnight and a greeter in tire and lube. so for now i will stick to the same place, same bs and hope that things get better.

i know i am very lucky to have a job right now. i guess i need to remember that this generation of kids aren't workers like my generation. during the 9.5 years at taco station, i have seen work in kids go from great to suck ass! uggg, i am not going to write about it because i will get started and won't be able to stop. i'm wanting so bad to call in today but can't. just today left and then 2 days off. ahhh, the joy of working at walmart!

other news.....trying to decide what to order and from where for the crop. i don't go in till 4:30 so i will get to play longer than i thought. eric's mom may be coming down, not for sure yet. i have been going to girlfriends a lot more lately. eating less isn't really happening yet, but i am slowly remembering what it took for me to lose the 74lbs. i want to lose the 15 i gained and then another 20. at one time my goal was to lose 150lbs total. i will settle for 100lbs. better than what it used to be.

tried get online to play world of warcraft but they are down for updates. couldn't get on last night since cox was updating for that digital thing that was suppose to happen on the 17th. so hopefully tonight after work i can come home, kill some people lol and relax. killing people in a game is so relaxing. gets the tension out and makes you feel so much better. try it!

Monday, February 16, 2009

why do i neglect this poor blog?

well it's because lately i am back to playing world of warcraft. i come home from work, change clothes, fix something to eat, check email and then play. i haven't even scrapbooked...well i made 2 valentine cards. so i got some catching up to do if i can remember it all lol

i joined a secret sister swap with some gals that i am going to start going to crops with. convient for me since it is 2 blocks from my house, score! i wanted to go last month but had a bad cough so i am anxiously awaiting this month. in fact, i think i am going to order some stuff so i can play hard! :) oh, back to the secret sister, she sent me this card and necklace for Valentine's Day:
and speaking of valentine's day, i decided to take some cupcakes to work. due to my oven wanting to heat to 500 when you set it at 200, we had to pack up the stuff and bake them at mom and dad's. mom mixed and baked while we ate, i decorated. i think they were so cute and a hit with people at work!
i love going to hasting and getting some sort of coffee or chi tea latte before work. i grab a couple of magazines and relax. ahhhh, my time to get away and escape.
the other night i was walking around walmart and saw this toy for girls. what do you think it looks like? well to me it doesn't look like a toy for girls that forsure! then again, maybe i am just way too perverted!
so now i am off to do a little shopping to find some goodies to play with on the 28th at the crop. i hope it is a day that i go in at 4 or 5:30 and not 2. too late to ask off or asked to work a short shift. with walmart you have to ask off at least 6 weeks in advance! happy creating. and don'g be rushing out to walmart to get the girls toy, it for your hair not your whoo-ha!
peace and love!

Monday, February 09, 2009

allergy season already?

usually doesn't start for me until mid to late march. the last few days have been terrible. dizzy today so i will have to get some meds before work. one of the main reasons i like working at walmart, never need to go there to get something, i'm already there! seriously....allergies already?

i haven't been buying magazines since i am limited on income and frankly....they are a waste of money unless you really put them to use. yes, i have finally realized that months and years of scrapbook magazine, oprah magazine, etc aren't doing me a bit of good in piles and in boxes. anyways...i bought the latest issue of martha stewart. it has cupcake recipes in this. i really want to make some cupcakes so i bought it. there are some other cool stuff in there as well. i think if i really look at it as an investment it is ok. it will be put to good use! now if my friggin oven was working properly......

off to get ready to go to the land of retail!

Saturday, February 07, 2009


i can't believe how lucky i am. i stop and think how happy i am. i realize that for the first time in nearly 20 years that i am totally in love in ways i never felt. i think about eric and think how lucky i am to have met him 13 years ago and how our relationship started based on a simple text. i don't think i could be any happier than i am right now. i think about our future and how wonderful it is going to be.

sometimes we are given things in life to teach us things. i had 17 years of ups and downs. some happy, mostly sad times. i have learned what to put into a relationship and what i should get out of it. how communication is the most important thing in a relationship. i know that i will over come my anxiety because now i have a reason to live and get on with my life. i used to think how i wanted my life over that it meant nothing. now when i think i want to stop it all i think of eric and how i could never leave him.

the universe brought us together. we were meant to be. when things are meant to be things are easier and more simple to explain. i smile more. i laugh more. i stopped and realize how happy i am more. i cherish each day i have with him. on our days off i can't wait to spend time with him. last night i went to bed before he did, he was watching a movie and i couldn't stay up any longer. i went to bed and felt lonely without him. i texted him and told him i missed him and felt lonely without him in bed. NEVER felt that before. heck, i slept by myself for the last 2 years.

my life has changed and is changing daily. i can't wait for what is coming and what may come. i can't wait till we can tell the world our exciting news once one little thing is out of the way. it's meant to be so i am calm and know it will happen fast.

god...i love being in love!

Friday, February 06, 2009

catching up

been kinda on the low down the last couple of days. busy and relaxing. eric's mom came on wednesday to scrapbook. we had a great time. i feel closer to eric and his family after looking through pictures and putting faces with names. another thing i love about scrapbooking! We went out to lunch at the mall deli, then came back and scrapped some more. i had a great time and hope she will be able to make it on the 28th to the crop in town.

tuesday night i found a tony stewart squeeky for vinny. i freaked when i saw it. so of course i had to take a couple of pictures lol

he plays with it all the time. and yes...he sooo needs to be groomed lol

i was zoning at work and saw this and totally freaked out. had to run back to receiving to tell eric what i found.

tony's new number on a hat! need to remember to buy it today. since i don't have any shirts i think i will buy this red and white one at work and put 14 on it. maybe take it to wilberts and have them put it on for me.

this is about it. for today.