Friday, February 06, 2009

catching up

been kinda on the low down the last couple of days. busy and relaxing. eric's mom came on wednesday to scrapbook. we had a great time. i feel closer to eric and his family after looking through pictures and putting faces with names. another thing i love about scrapbooking! We went out to lunch at the mall deli, then came back and scrapped some more. i had a great time and hope she will be able to make it on the 28th to the crop in town.

tuesday night i found a tony stewart squeeky for vinny. i freaked when i saw it. so of course i had to take a couple of pictures lol

he plays with it all the time. and yes...he sooo needs to be groomed lol

i was zoning at work and saw this and totally freaked out. had to run back to receiving to tell eric what i found.

tony's new number on a hat! need to remember to buy it today. since i don't have any shirts i think i will buy this red and white one at work and put 14 on it. maybe take it to wilberts and have them put it on for me.

this is about it. for today.

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