Monday, February 16, 2009

why do i neglect this poor blog?

well it's because lately i am back to playing world of warcraft. i come home from work, change clothes, fix something to eat, check email and then play. i haven't even scrapbooked...well i made 2 valentine cards. so i got some catching up to do if i can remember it all lol

i joined a secret sister swap with some gals that i am going to start going to crops with. convient for me since it is 2 blocks from my house, score! i wanted to go last month but had a bad cough so i am anxiously awaiting this month. in fact, i think i am going to order some stuff so i can play hard! :) oh, back to the secret sister, she sent me this card and necklace for Valentine's Day:
and speaking of valentine's day, i decided to take some cupcakes to work. due to my oven wanting to heat to 500 when you set it at 200, we had to pack up the stuff and bake them at mom and dad's. mom mixed and baked while we ate, i decorated. i think they were so cute and a hit with people at work!
i love going to hasting and getting some sort of coffee or chi tea latte before work. i grab a couple of magazines and relax. ahhhh, my time to get away and escape.
the other night i was walking around walmart and saw this toy for girls. what do you think it looks like? well to me it doesn't look like a toy for girls that forsure! then again, maybe i am just way too perverted!
so now i am off to do a little shopping to find some goodies to play with on the 28th at the crop. i hope it is a day that i go in at 4 or 5:30 and not 2. too late to ask off or asked to work a short shift. with walmart you have to ask off at least 6 weeks in advance! happy creating. and don'g be rushing out to walmart to get the girls toy, it for your hair not your whoo-ha!
peace and love!

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