Monday, February 09, 2009

allergy season already?

usually doesn't start for me until mid to late march. the last few days have been terrible. dizzy today so i will have to get some meds before work. one of the main reasons i like working at walmart, never need to go there to get something, i'm already there! seriously....allergies already?

i haven't been buying magazines since i am limited on income and frankly....they are a waste of money unless you really put them to use. yes, i have finally realized that months and years of scrapbook magazine, oprah magazine, etc aren't doing me a bit of good in piles and in boxes. anyways...i bought the latest issue of martha stewart. it has cupcake recipes in this. i really want to make some cupcakes so i bought it. there are some other cool stuff in there as well. i think if i really look at it as an investment it is ok. it will be put to good use! now if my friggin oven was working properly......

off to get ready to go to the land of retail!

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