Monday, June 27, 2011

monday pinterest

yes, i love this place. all of the wonderful ideas! here are more!!! (some of the images will have links to their site. yeah...i guess i should do that to all, right? i will next week)

i would soooo love to do this in our house!!!

there aren't just ideas on pinterest, but things that was in the past like this book. i remember these. when tinkerbell chimes you turn the page! oh how i would love to find one of these!!

and this!!! oh i would love to make one of these. love the quote on it! click on the image, it's at etsy!

this picture i just love!!!

what a great idea to take a picture with a baby and there name in chalk! love! by kelle hampton...she is my idol! :)

yes, a christmas idea. so simple and so cute!

i want to make this but what a "r"

this would be so easy and fun to make. the years everyone in your family was born.

and last...the definition of pinterest :)

Sunday, June 26, 2011

scripture and a snapsnot #1

i came across this site and totally want to do this! what a great way to use scriptures and photography! so here is mine for today!

simple things #17

it's been a while since i have done this. i haven't done much with my camera lately. not sure why but i just can't get into it. the other day we were driving to work and i saw this sunrise. i had to take a picture at the stop light, i couldn't miss this amazing shot!

Monday, June 20, 2011

monday pinterest

yeah, i think i will make this a monday thing. sound good to you? so here are some really sweet stuff i found last week on!

i MUST have this shirt!!!

i want to collect old cameras. i could start with one like this!


isn't this room absolutely gorgeous?!

if i was pregnant i would definately do this. but since i am not, i am leaving this for stephanie to do! :)

i think the dude needs this!

i would love to do this!

i really want this since there are 3 of us in this little family of ours!

this would be easy and fun to make. it is out of apple crates!

till next week...happy pinning!

Thursday, June 16, 2011


so today we went and met a lady to take liam to. 4th sitter since we had him. no, we aren't sitter jumpers. in fact, i do not like doing this to him. taking him to new places with new people but we had no choice. our first sitter we liked. what we didn't like was all the sudden she announces that her family is moving in a week. they are moving in with her best friend and her family. i don't like her best friend. was not comfortable and happy with it what so ever so we decided to find someone before the week was up. plus, i was not happy about the week notice of  "all the sudden we are moving in a week."

we found the 2nd sitter. her husband worked with my mom. i thought this would work out great. liam has always thrown a little bit of "ohhh no...don't leave me....." cry. first sitter would ocupy him with toys and such. sitter 2, she would leave him on the floor "to throw his fit." "he is too heavy for me when he is doing this." and then one day she yells at 2 kids that hadn't washed their hands yet. she calls the kids brats. i hate the word brat. i will not have my kid called a brat. he had a runny nose at one time. "you have to get him on allergy medicine. he has an allergy." then we get a call "he has a bad runny poop and it doesn't smell like a teething poop." that is was it for me. i had had it with this woman.

at this time we have two sitters. sitter #2 and a 3rd because #2 isn't open on saturdays. so we had to find a sitter for just saturdays. thankfully she had an opening so he went there full time. it is a great place. they take great care of him. downside...the cost. it is killing us paying $500 a month in day care. she charges us $105 a week plus a seperate $25 for just saturday. so that is $130 a week. we just can't keep doing it. so we found one that will save us $125 a month. he will still stay at sitter #3 on saturdays.

work won't let us have saturdays off. totally not fair since some have it off  to be with their kids, but we can't to save us money. though their motto is "save money. life better." i totally get how people need to have the time off. but it isn't fair when others can have it and others can't. but we don't complain because it won't do any good.

i hope he adjusts well to the new sitter. he'll still see his pals at sitter #3 on saturdays. he'll be making more new friends which is good. the lady is just a block from us, huge bonus! hopefully all will work out. there is nothing like stressing over a sitter. if our current one wasn't so expensive we wouldn't take him out of there but we have no choice. sometimes i feel like a loser because we can't afford it but she is one of the highest, if not the highest sitters in town. she is the only one open on the weekends. we needed that. the average around here is $80 to $95 a week. we pay $130. so you can see why we want or need to change. does it make me a bad mom? don't know why i feel so guilty doing it.


Wednesday, June 15, 2011

first time swimmer

so we got the dude a little swimming pool. he wasn't sure what to do at first. but once he got to splashing he didn't stop and had a blast. here are some of the photos of his "first swim."

not sure what he was doing here. i guess drying his feet off? lol

we got him a little chair at walmart. he loves it. tonight he sat and watched diego in it for about 10 minutes.

he has a mound of toys behind him that i will be giving to a friend this weekend. toys he has totally out grown. he no longer needs something to help him stand or walk. so it is time to pass them on to another little man to play with.

you know what is incredible? watching them learn. it amazes me what he can do. i love it! no one told me motherhood was this wonderful. i mean they said it was but is the best thing in the world!

Monday, June 13, 2011


Testing to see if this works!

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i heart pinterest

have you been there? this site is awesome for ideas. i look and look. i printed off sayings for the wall by my computer. got the idea there. here are some other things i have "pinned" lately:

i love this. she has it to where you can download it and write in why you love motherhood. must do!

i remember having this as a kid. i think i have a picture of me with mine but not sure where it is.

i would LOVE to make these pillows!

i'd love to have a party here!

love this door! i have a thing for doors that aren't like your normal door.

and this....well this just rocks!!!

and cupcake ideas like these:

ok...i better go clean house and see if i can't make something today, even if it is a digital layout! i have photos of liam eating a cupcakes and swimming that i want to scrap. yeah, those pictures will be up later.

now....go to and find something fun!!!

Sunday, June 12, 2011

my favorite....

  • My FAVORITE thing about my husband is how he loves me unconditionally.

  • My FAVORITE thing about my son is his smile.

  • My FAVORITE color is blue.

  • My FAVORITE day of the week is Sunday.

  • My FAVORITE outfit is shorts and a tshirt.

  • My FAVORITE time of the day is bedtime. a little bit of me time before the day is over.

  • My FAVORITE place to read is in bed.

  • My FAVORITE season is spring.

  • My FAVORITE word is love.

  • My FAVORITE month of the year is July. only because of the 4th of july, my favorite holiday!

  • My FAVORITE holiday is 4th of july!

  • My FAVORITE animal is a dog.

  • My FAVORITE movies are Big and 13 going on 30.

  • My FAVORITE “me time” is reading or scrapbooking.

  • My FAVORITE household chore is laundry. yes..i love the sound of the machines.

  • My FAVORITE cola is Pepsi in a can, coke out of a fountain at mcdonald's.

  • My FAVORITE video game right now is plants vs. zombies.

  • My FAVORITE dine-in restaurant is applebee's.

  • My FAVORITE fast food restaurant is McDonald’s.

  • My FAVORITE outdoor activity is walking.

  • My FAVORITE flower is gerber daisy.

  • My FAVORITE thing about me is how i like to make others laugh.

  • My FAVORITE indoor activity is scrapbooking.

  • My FAVORITE shoes are flip flops.

  • My FAVORITE overall thing to do is read.

  • what is your favorite thing????