Monday, June 13, 2011

i heart pinterest

have you been there? this site is awesome for ideas. i look and look. i printed off sayings for the wall by my computer. got the idea there. here are some other things i have "pinned" lately:

i love this. she has it to where you can download it and write in why you love motherhood. must do!

i remember having this as a kid. i think i have a picture of me with mine but not sure where it is.

i would LOVE to make these pillows!

i'd love to have a party here!

love this door! i have a thing for doors that aren't like your normal door.

and this....well this just rocks!!!

and cupcake ideas like these:

ok...i better go clean house and see if i can't make something today, even if it is a digital layout! i have photos of liam eating a cupcakes and swimming that i want to scrap. yeah, those pictures will be up later.

now....go to and find something fun!!!

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