Thursday, February 19, 2009

a little bit of this...

sick with a cold again, 3rd time since christmas i might add! uggg! i'm trying to get into the mood to make something. i want to digital scrapbook really bad but i can't find my elements 4.0 cd. i took it off my computer since it was running slow. i got more memory and now i want to scrap! oh well, i am sure it will show up soon.

we had lunch at a new place in town, fat daddys. o.m.g! look at this yummy double cheeseburger and onion rings!

i totally recommend it! the onion rings are to die for!

here is a picture of kali that totally cracks me up. she likes to lay on the back of my chair when i am at the computer. every once in a while she claws the crap out of my back when she jumps. grrrr
yep, she will lay like that for hours. i will pull the chair in and out and she continues to stay like that. crazy cat!

and here is dottie. i caught her laying on the couch with her ears sticking out as she slept. of course she woke up when i got the camera out.

so that is it for the kids. vinny got his time so it was time to share the other two. i really wish i could get motivated to do something but i can't. i don't want to paper scrap and since i can't find my cd that is all i can do. *whine* where in the heck did i put it???? to do something productive.

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