Tuesday, February 17, 2009

i so need a break

actually, i would like a new job! but in this economic times i won't be looking for one just yet. i will keep putting up with the bs that goes on...yes i know it is every job...but there has to be a happy medium somewhere! and then when you think you trust someone...it goes all to crap! i have to go in tomorrow for a manditory meeting. hopefully this will help with what all is going on. i checked with personel and there are only 2 openings, overnight and a greeter in tire and lube. so for now i will stick to the same place, same bs and hope that things get better.

i know i am very lucky to have a job right now. i guess i need to remember that this generation of kids aren't workers like my generation. during the 9.5 years at taco station, i have seen work in kids go from great to suck ass! uggg, i am not going to write about it because i will get started and won't be able to stop. i'm wanting so bad to call in today but can't. just today left and then 2 days off. ahhh, the joy of working at walmart!

other news.....trying to decide what to order and from where for the crop. i don't go in till 4:30 so i will get to play longer than i thought. eric's mom may be coming down, not for sure yet. i have been going to girlfriends a lot more lately. eating less isn't really happening yet, but i am slowly remembering what it took for me to lose the 74lbs. i want to lose the 15 i gained and then another 20. at one time my goal was to lose 150lbs total. i will settle for 100lbs. better than what it used to be.

tried get online to play world of warcraft but they are down for updates. couldn't get on last night since cox was updating for that digital thing that was suppose to happen on the 17th. so hopefully tonight after work i can come home, kill some people lol and relax. killing people in a game is so relaxing. gets the tension out and makes you feel so much better. try it!

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