Saturday, January 31, 2009

anxiously awaiting the mailman

for my w2 that is! hopefully tara didn't lie and it did get mailed when she said. *fingers crossed*. Not much to post today. Have to go in at 2. tomorrow i am learning how to be a cashier. if i like it i will see if i can switch from my area to that. tired of the bs and the people that don't do shit, suck up to bosses and get their way. wait...that is everywhere but with such a huge store maybe i can find my happy place...which i thought was softlines but....

eric's mom will be down this wednesday to scrap. it was going to be last wednesday but the roads were bad from the snow and ice we got. i haven't felt like making much lately so maybe this will give me a scoot.

crap, didn't realize it is 12:30...need to get ready for work.

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