Tuesday, January 27, 2009

no work for me

i was bad and called into work. i didn't want to get out in this crap again. it has started snowing again. i hear 2 to 4 inches. who knows. all i know is that i don't want to get out in this. i hate driving on the ice. my anxiety goes up. panic sets in. i'm better off at home! lol

today's agenda: work on scrapbook room. find usb cord for my camera. get some of the boxes out of the living room, wait...that is on eric's agenda. scrapbook. play some cards. relax and watch the snow fall. one thing i really like about my scrapbook room is the big front window that over looks the porch and street. i'm actually liking sitting here with the blinds open and watching the snow fall. right now it is light. i do like to watch the snow fall. if i don't have to go anywhere then i am all for snow but if i have to go to work or something then i hate it. weird i know!

off to fix lunch and do something productive!

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