Tuesday, January 06, 2009

a new year!

well it has been a while since i blogged. for a while i thought all i did was whine and whine. but now things are changing. i am scrapbooking and card making again. i am making the most of each day that i can. i want to make this year the best year of my life. i chose a word for this year and it is "rediscover." i want to rediscover life. i want to rediscover the person that is lost due to letting fear and anxiety rule her. i'm still trying to think of the first steps to take to do all of this. it will come. slowly but surely i will figure out the steps to take to get back on the road and travel!

tomorrow i am going to crop and asking the gals at Scrapbook Dreamer to join me. I plan on giving away a rak. So come back tomorrow to see what it is. it so refreshing to let the creativity flow again. i am one happy gal!

here are a few layouts I have done:

i am doing a picture a day for the year. It is posted at my myspace page. I am hoping this will help my photography skills and give me things to scrap about.

ok...off to get ready for work. uggg

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Tammy said...

Glad you're back!