Friday, January 30, 2009

flickr friday!

yep, had to go to flickr and put in pink, orange and green for some flickr lovin. these colors will be very important to me in the months to come :)

1. Color Your Life, 2. a little less conversation, 3. Silky Poppy, 4. E' l'ora dell'aperitivo!, 5. Tasty Technicolor Treats, 6. The Colors of the Life, 7. Linda's 65th Birthday Cake, 8. 12 - Jan, 9. orbit snail set 1

Off to work today. After having 3 days off i am actually ready to go back. i don't go in till 5:30, so i am dropping eric off and then heading to hastings for a coffee and read a couple of magazines.

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