Wednesday, January 14, 2009

not much is new

today is major cleaning day. had a leak in the laundry room yesterday from a rusted joint. woke up to water everywhere. so today i need to get the clothes and such that was on the floor and clean in there. would have yesterday but worked. my hours are finally up again! i am working in the jewelry department in a couple of weeks. that will be fun. i love jewelry. the jewelry department is the only department that has layaway...kinda scarey!

kali isn't eating. been a week since she ate. she drinks water and the juice off of food, well barely the juices. i need to take her to the vet but 1. she hasn't been out of the house since i got her in like 1996. 2. if i have to give her pills there is no way i will be able to. she will scatch the crap out of me. she had this before and it went away. hoping it will. if not i will take her to the vet and get it checked out.

got up a bit early today to scrap before the cleaning begins. eric's boxes have been in the front bedroom, aka soon to be my scrapbook room for a couple of months. since his mom is coming down on the 28th to scrap, i have to get that done asap! i need another long table for my printer and computer and then have one table just for the scrapbooking. but not sure what i will do. to create and have fun!

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