Sunday, January 25, 2009

ohhhh my!!!

ok, yesterday was my first day in jewerly, loved it! wish there was an opening there. i hope they send me over there more often. saw this ring that i absolutely L.O.V.E! Had to show eric. this won't be good working over there lol.

still colder than cat poop. in fact, winter storm watch...yuck! had a weird dream that i was shaving my legs in the car. there was a cup of water in a cup holder that stuck to the window. eric kept driving in circles. what the heck does that mean? i shaved my legs the other day. it isn't like they are still hairy and makes eric sleep closer to the edge of the bed.

haven't taken a picture in the last few days! must do that today. but of what????
off to package up stamps to send off to new owners.

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