Wednesday, January 21, 2009

ahhh, a day to myself

i'm still dealing with this cough. it is better. i don't have much energy. right now i am trying to figure out if i want to make a card or a layout. can't get motivated. went in and asked eric if i should be doing something besides sitting lol. this last week i gained 13 hours at work. it is the week i only have 20. after friday i will have 33. go me! thought of calling in yesterday but the bill for the vet told me otherwise.

not sure what i want to do today. i know i want to work on my room and get some stuff hung up. i need to get stuff moved out of the other room so eric can put his stuff in there. we have a week to get things out of living room, his boxes that is, before his mom comes to scrapbook with me. totally looking forward to that. speaking of scrapbooking, did you know paris hilton has a scrapbook line debuting at cha? omg! yeah heard about it on a blog. it will be interesting to see what she has to offer.

i joined a stampin up monthly! going to go to crops again starting next month. a lady that used to work for my mom and dad at their donut shop sells SU. I love their stamps. i've been buying close to my heart lately but i am not a fun of their acrylic stamps. if there is a big space for ink to go, it looks like watercolor. it hate it. no matter what i do to the stamp it does that. i even tried using a small ink cube, same thing! i've always wanted to sell SU too. i love their designs and what they have to offer with their stamps. i am really looking forward to the crops.

think i will go and work on something. not sure what yet but something will get done today.

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