Thursday, January 22, 2009


ahhh, finally the day has come! was beginning to think it never would. lol. need to get a few more things for my scrapbook room and it should be done tonight! debating if i want to put another table in here. i think i do. i can see myself in here a lot, my little piece of heaven. what i would love to put in here would be a futon but no room. probably not a good idea anyways because i would never leave. eric would never see me, only at work.

I've been doing a picture a day for 21 days now and I am finding myself looking forward to taking a picture. I am coming up with ways I can scrap what I took, if I want to. I really think this will help my scrapbooking.

Can't think of anything else right now. Working on a layout while the bathroom warms up for my shower then off to get checks and then party! well no party, just a little fun.

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