Thursday, January 15, 2009

ok, winter sucks!

I am not a winter kind of gal. i like warmth. flowers that bloom. bbqs. walking outside. going to the park. wind in my face while driving. not this bundle up. pile on 5 layers. no leaves on trees. icy roads. snow. see my breath in the air. red nose and cheeks. wind that feels as if you are going to be split into. staying in the house because its too cold to go outside. winter is not for me. you can have it. i'll take 70 degree weather any day, all day, of the year!

I ordered some Tony decals for my car. As soon as it is warm outside I am going to take off all the 20 stuff and replace it with 14. Here is one of the decals:

i can't wait for racing season to start!

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