Thursday, January 29, 2009

beware, pictures ahead!

yesterday we finally ventured out into the cold and snow to get some groceries. I got this shot of eric as he was cleaning the windshield off.

I love the view from my scrapbook room. the old room was small. it did have windows but the shades never went up as because the view was not a good one, so i put up pictures from magazines and such on it. but now i have this huge window that over looks the porch and street...did i mention this before? well, here's a shot i took.

i have been wanting to do something crafty lately that didn't involve paper. sometimes i need a break. i was looking at blogs and got this awesome idea from Homegrown Hospitality, click on link to see what the idea was and here are my pictures:

that is a cloud at the top. camera didn't do a good job of showing it.

these were so fun to make. i have one more i want to make and then i will decide what to do with them. i think i will link them all together with ribbon and hang them on the wall. when i got this idea i had to go raid mom's fabric since i knew she would have some good stuff. i really am thinking about starting some sort of quilt. i have my grandmother's sewing machine in my scrapbook room, so maybe i will put it to use.

i love bargins and amercian crafts. went to big lots yesterday and found some goodies. there were a lot more rubons but i bought the ones that i thought i would use the most, yes must be thrifty and wise in this economy!

the jar contained hearts. i totally love hearts. thought of buying another jar but....
here's kali, yes feeling a 100% over her uterus ordeal, sitting on the step ladder in my scrapbook room. i need to put up some more pictures but i lost the hammer. how did i lose a hammer? how does anyone lose a hammer?

so there you have it. my last 2 days in pictures. today: cleaning, go to the library and clean. clean. clean. clean!

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