Thursday, July 28, 2011

week in the life day, wednesday

i am having so much fun doing this! by doing this i am realizing that i am so blessed. i knew i was, but once you see it at a different point of view it hits home. these photos show our life. i am so happy to be with my little family of 3!

at 7:44am it is....

we drove liam off at the sitters, which is a block away.

at work, someone took an order for a cake. the decorator didn't come in till that afternoon. so i stepped up and did what i could to make a cake look like one that she ordered. we were out of the kit she wanted, it was a dora cake. the plastic pieces are where dora, diego and boots go.

break time. we usually have a donut and a pepsi. this is the sticky bun that i LOVE. found it it is being deleted! bummed!

here are 3 of the people i work with. kodi is the one by herself. alice is the one looking at the camera. elizabeth is the one that is actually working. :)

as you saw from yesterday's post, i work in the bakery. i stock the floor. this is what my day usually looks like, the above photos and this:

after work i head to hastings to read these two new magazines!!! sorry, but i can not and will not pay $15 per magazine. i did at one time, never again!

then it is off to sonic for happy hour once again! this time i get us ice tea. so much better for this heat!

speaking of the heat....

we go and pick up liam. then off to the library for me to recheck out a book and to see if there is anything new.

i bought liam a little piggy bank while back. here he is filling it up!

dude, i don't think this ball is going to fit into the hoop!

he thinks he is a monkey!

we took a ride again about 8pm. we like to drive around the baseball park. liam loves the lights, even if they are off. we turned the corner and i said "oh the lights are turned off, darn." liam's reply..."darn." lol

as we drove around the baseball field, this is what was waiting for us as we rounded the last turn:

and that is our wednesday!

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